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Secret Santa Event

Well, I hope I'm oing this right Thanks ItachiSasuke for the invite!

For my wishlist, I've listed it below:

1.Yomi from Ga Rei Zero
2.Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin
3.Erza from Fairytail
4.Tsurara from Nurarihyon no Mago
5. And of course, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man.

They're my fave girls but I wasn't able to draw them yet. That's why I'm taking advantage of this event. xP As for Allen, he will always be my all time fave so I also included him here eventhough I have already lots of fan arts dedicated to him.


since last night, i've been LSS with this song,

i just love the vocal's voice. it gives me goosebumps. and i freaking love satorare

okay right now, i'm looking for information on the progress of the relationship between nami and luffy. :D


keke..this group has been occupying my time since I've known them about two months ago.LOL. This girl group is so jjang. First time I've been really addicted to a group. Anime and snsd are now my top priorities.xDD. School's being left behind.LMAO

there's Sica, :Oo, she's really a goddess.omGEE

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keke. that one from was the myx webpage. LOL.

2 others were from soshified.com


I'm going to blabber another example of my stupidity...>.<

I'm not going to tell the date ,but it happened recently.

It was during the mass funeral of my grandfather(I miss him..T.T), ahhh, just after the mass had started..My throat was parched dry and I was whining to my mother to give me some money to buy myself a cold nice drink..

Yeah, so I asked my cousin to accompany me to the shop where we usually buy foods whenever we went to the town..

We were already outside of the church and as usual I was aimlessly walking , completely ignorant of my surroundings when my cousin suddenly cleared her throat to get my attention and said in a hushed voice, " Hey, it's Melvin.".

True to what she said, there he was a few meters away from us(that time, I din't notice he was with someone else)but I only took a small glimpse of him before turning back my head to where it originally was.Duh, I would not want him catch me staring at him..But really, he's so handsome now..T__T..Though he still emitted a feminine aura around him..xd

I heard someone said my name to Melvin and greeted me first. But since I was stupid, hence the title, I only waved my hand and uttered a small hi. I know it's a girl because of her voice but I didn't take any efforts to look at her.
When they were already in our back, Melvin said "Hi rachel" to me and I only waved my hand(again) without looking back at him and uttered a low hi too.I doubt if he heard it.

Ugh, thinking about it, why did I do it? I should have said something much more sensible. After that, my cousin told me that Rossini was the one with Melvin and that they were always seen together.Maybe they are an item now. Waah, what if they would think that I was jealous or something like that for the lack of response on my part? I did not stop when they greeted me or even giving them a smile. waah, I'm so stupid..Really..I tend to do that always.

Some people even called me snobbish or arrogant because of it..In reality, I just didn't know how to act in that kind of situation.

By the way, those two were my classmates way back in elementary and Melvin was the first person whom my feelings have boarded out of the confinements of the word "like".

If you know what I mean..^^..One time, he went all the way to our house just to see me..

Just for me to shoo him away..Imagine that? and he didn't have any money that time since he took a ride with their family owned truck which delivered some supplies to a barangay next to ours. He told me that through text that night. He even made me feel guilt when said that he had to wait for how many hours at the plaza for their truck to pass by.

weh, I told too much here..Anyways, I'm already late for the next subject..Gotta go!!


LOL! I think I'm going to like Yulsic!!..xd

Ahaha, crap. I'm starting to have a crush on my proff..He had such a cute smile..:Oo