This is a world for DIR EN GREY fans. I hope you enjoy this world.

Dir en grey are on Facebook!

Dir en grey are now on

Dir en Grey is on twitter now!

Dir en Grey has a twitter page and I hope you shall get on too. and go check it ou.

GlassSkin music video was cool!

I saw the music video GlassSkin on with english subtitles and it was sweet!!!

Cool Kyo-san fansite

I think you will love this fansite of Kyo-san I have found. It contains images of Kyo of Dir en grey.

Get Well soon kyo-san TT__TT

It seems that kyo-san's vocal chords need resting. But no need to panick, this has happened before. I read about it from TAINTED WINGS's dir en grey world, "Give me Pain". I'm glad she wrote about this. Thanks Tainted Wings. Dir en grey's concert will have to be post-poned in Japan for a while now. Here's their important information.:
Prey for Kyo-san's voice to heal!!