Forever, right?

This is just a quick fanfiction I wanted to make with my Kingdom Hearts OC, Axiuko ^^

I hope you guys all enjoy this, and DONT DROP YOUR SEA SALT ICE-CREAM! DX


“Axiuko! They’re coming your way!”

I opened my eyes to see a horde of those stupid shadows coming at me. “Whoops!” I said, as I finally came back to Earth from day-dreaming. I took out my own weapon, the Calligraphy Pen. I always knew I had a rather special element, compared to Roxas, Axel, or Xion. We were always pared together for missions, kind of annoying after awhile, but they were still my friends, whatever that meant to a Nobody. I began whipping away the Heartless with that stupid whip made of ink, streaming out of the pen. I sometimes thought it looked like tar.

“Welcome back, idiot.” Axel laughed and punched my arm playfully as he swept away some of the Heartless with his Chakrams. I watched in wonder as the trio get rid of the Heartless, Roxas with that Keyblade of his, and Xion with a Keyblade, somewhat identical. “Well I’m sorry; I can have imagination as well.” I kicked him in the shin, equally playful.


We looked on at the town below us, watching the group of children below.
“Hayner! Pence! Wait up! We have to get our homework done!” The lone female pouted. We all chuckled in unison, a somewhat peaceful sound.

“You guys really like coming here.” I said as I looked over at them. We were sitting at our usual spot, a clock tower in a place called Twilight Town. “I think its kind of depressing… its always sunset here.” I continued.

“I like it… I don’t really know why though, guess its just one of those things…” Roxas sighed, looking down at the children, with a humored and envious expression.

“Hey, think fast!” Axel jeered as he tossed each of us ice cream. We thanked him and then started licking it.

“Whoa! It’s salty!” Xion said quickly and then accidentally dropped it. We leaned over and watched it fall, not bothering to get it. “Nice going, Xion.” Axel teased as he waved the half-eaten ice cream in her face. We all laughed and then continued to look at the sunset in silence.

“Do you guys think we will ever find our hearts?” I asked quietly, and then they all looked at me.

“Of course, we’ll all be together when that happens, right?” Roxas smiled, while the other two nodded.

“Let’s let it be like this forever.” Xion said, while Axel put his arms over our shoulders.

“Forever.” He agreed, as I smiled.