Right, so, I have a strange love/hate relationship with Urbandictionary. Some of the things there are hilarious, and some of them just make me say “whaaattt?” EITHER WAY. I want to share some of the randomness with you! 8D *coughs* I have an urban dictionary calendar that I much love and will take most posts from there =w= b

And so: Enjoy the insanity~

r0x0rz my b0x0rz

r0x0rz my b0x0rz:

1) Used when something pleases you, very much. Basically implying that it rocked your boxers (Underwear). Which technically doesn't make much sense, but hey, now a days, not much does.

"This game r0x0rz my b0x0rz!"

2) 733t-speak meaning "Rocks my boxers!" but sounds much cooler.

Also: "r0x0r j00r b0x0rz" referring to the "rocking" of an individual's "boxers".

Note: b0x0r can also refer to a computer, a "box"

"This r0x0rz my b0x0rz!"


I am greatly amused by this. It's like there are little faces in the text. I would also very much like to see how a guy would react to a girl saying this. =w= d

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