Ciao, guten tag, konnichiwa, and hello! Welcome to United World! A place where Hetalia fans can have fun and discuss one of the most awesome anime and manga series out right now!

The only rules are as follows:

1. No graphic* images (*by graphic I mostly mean nude. Hentai, yaoi, and yuri is ok with me, but nothing that "shows anything" if you get what I mean)
2. No arguing. We all have the right to different opinions, so if you can't find it within yourself to be nice just agree to disagree.
3. Other series are awesome too! But this world is dedicated to HETALIA so no other anime allowed! Except in avatars! ^^
4. HAVE FUN!!!

Other rules may be added if needed, but let's all have fun and talk about the much-loved series that's been getting more and more attention lately! If you're interested in joining, PLEASE PM ME SO I CAN ADD YOU! Happy chatting!

Lots of love,

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Here's a link to a website that offers all of the Hetalia episodes for download as they come out! It was made by a friend of mine on YouTube! ^^

This link is super cool! It has pretty much all the Hetalia updates you could ever want! The main (important) ones will be the ones I feature in this world every week!

Official Funimation Site:

This link will take you to a collection of all of the scanlated comics that I know of thus far:

And this link is the Wiki that has so much info on characters and more! Really, almost TOO much info! But very fun to read:

Did Someone Say "PASTAAAA~"?

Yeah. That's what I thought. ENJOY!

Thanks to everyone who's going to be a part of Hetalia! You guys are gonna make it AWESOME! ;D


France and America!

Sorry I'm a bit behind, everyone! Yesterday, a particular smexy Frenchman made his debut in English. HE'S VOICED BY KYOUYA FROM OURAN THAT MAKES ME SMILE XD Hope you enjoy!

And today, we were introduced to none other than Alfred F. Jones, aka: America! I hope his video makes your day as much as it made mine~

Tomorrow is the day that many have been waiting for. The day we hear... PASTAAAAAAA~ so in honor of that momentous occassion! A picture to hang onto to in excitement!


Ok so... excuse my excitement, but ENGLAND IS HERE. XD He's one of my top three favorite characters in all of Hetalia, so here's to you Iggy-boo! Hope you find as much entertainment in this as I did!



So the weekend has passed and it's time for a new character to be introduced! Have fun with this one, everybody! I laughed out loud for real from how funny I thought it was...


Today we meet Japan's voice actor! I have to say, I'm really impressed with this one! And the World Buffet thing on there too is pretty cool! Especially for all you merchendise fans out there like me! XD Enjoy!