Le Hi hehe... News Report

wow it seems like forever since i last came here to theO
to start off
i actually went on vacation to *drum roll please*

But why would you go there Demi? Its like the one place that you despise the mostest

well as an early birthday surprise i got to go to
Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando Ft. Harry Potter World
it was sooo awesome tart off

we stayed at a hotel where animals would be right outside your window
and so close that you could almost touch them
Haha.. okay we see animals everyday like squirrels and birds and such what the deal eh?
No no these animals were things like Giraffes, Zebras, Gazelle, and Vultures

My sis ended up spending about 3months of her allowance on giraffes at the gift shop
haha.... she fell in love with them so fast
Well i mainly spent my money with Harry Potter goodness and stuff for my besti
hehe... yeah Hufflepuff !!!!

Speaking of Harry Potter

when i went to the park it was tiny yet totally amazing !!!
Tiny because it was only a section of the park
and amazing because it looked and felt exactly like i was there
well except the weather of course
it was like 80 degrees Hot !!! T^T'

in what they called Hogsmead
but really i think i think its more like Diagon Ally
i got all my awesome hogwarts gear there including my own wand
i even got a chocolate frog !!!
i even tried a butter beer hehe... i think it tasted like cream soda
but it seems to taste different each person

They wanted announce my birthday in one of the shops too
but i got all nervous and said no T^T
darn now i wish i said yes

Speaking of Disney World

Sooo much fun they have changed a bunch of things things
im used to going to Disneyland so i was very surprised
when we had to take a bus to another park
tho in the end i feel like my old disneyland is the better park

its nothing really i feel like disney world was just a spread out
version of disneyland with mainly restaurants and shops

but i had soo much fun
i think my favorite part was visiting
Japan in EPCOT park there i felt like my Otaku self spring to life
in the Mitsukoshi store wahhh sooo much anime and Hello Kitty things
i could live there ^///^

Yep Yep that was pretty much it
soo what has happened here?
i still have to catch up with all of you
please don't forget about me <3 you

What i drew on the plane
a picture of Mercy and Soul hehe...
o sister love of playing dress up
i honestly was thinking if what Soul would look like with Sweet Lolita look
so i had Mercy dress her up
Muhaha... i am evil im soory Soul i just wanted to know what you would look like