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Hii Hii nice to meet you ^^
You can call me: Yama-chan, infinate-chan, Demi

Personality: im actually really shy a person when meeting or talking to others so ... BEWARE!!!
but when i get to know you better i start showing my crazy normal self O boy>-<

You can ask me about anything honestly hehe... and ill try to answer back <3

haha... honestly i dont often keep up with blogging soooooo.....
soory about that T^T but i try my best


Voice MEME !!!! [CLOSED T^T]

Ask me any question !!! no question is too silly !!! in fact i love silly questions !!! i will leave this open for 1 month if i don't many questions (5 sets or more) i will not ignore them but i will just ...

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Distorted Beauty

a school project to help women love their bodies for the way are
and for the reality of beauty in today's modern life
Never change the way you are i love you <3

My New Hobby

i always wanted to make things like this
they are real easy to make soo cute too ^-^
its a clip to put your hair
its hard to see but they actually are sparkly

can you guess what these are from ?
Hint : one of my Ocs where them

side note : wahhh sorry i keep telling myself to make these posts longer

Im thinking of ....

hi hi *huggles*
im thinking of doing either an art trade or a voice meme

For Voice Meme:
i think i have a way of doing the voice meme
but i need to know if people are interested in it
no question is too silly

For Art Trade:
take as much time a you need on this
i know school is indeed in session
so im in no rush
i just wanna know who wants to one with me


weellll it came on Friday