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Hii Hii nice to meet you ^^
You can call me: Yama-chan, infinate-chan, Demi

Personality: im actually really shy a person when meeting or talking to others so ... BEWARE!!!
but when i get to know you better i start showing my crazy normal self O boy>-<

You can ask me about anything honestly hehe... and ill try to answer back <3

haha... honestly i dont often keep up with blogging soooooo.....
soory about that T^T but i try my best


Otanjoubi Omedetou Hayao Miyazaki<3

Today is one of the best days ever because it is Hayao Miyazaki's birthday
im celebrating by having a marathon of all his movies ^-^


my computer is fixed yeahhhhhhh
now to catch up on about 2 months worth of stuff

That is all


Haha... I come home from my trip to LA and
My mom calls me over to look in the mail box and then ....
Wahhhhhhhhh........... loookie what I got from my pen pal
They are red velvet flavored *dies*
I'm sooo happy right now
I haven't had these since I was little *runs around in a circle*
Thank you thank you thank you thank you


Original source ( X )

this not mine i only made it into a card
i dont know if you heard today there were 3 terrible things that went on today
it makes want to cry for them

elementary school massacre at connecticut

Tennessee Shooting

china knife attack


hi hi minna-chii *huggles*

wahhhh... sooo sorry for for not being here too much
im actually in the middle of finals week
i just wanted to say this because i miss you guys like crazy
haha... i really feel as if theO is my second home ^///^
Alrighty see you soon
...now time for more studying