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Hii Hii nice to meet you ^^
You can call me: Yama-chan, infinate-chan, Demi

Personality: im actually really shy a person when meeting or talking to others so ... BEWARE!!!
but when i get to know you better i start showing my crazy normal self O boy>-<

You can ask me about anything honestly hehe... and ill try to answer back <3

haha... honestly i dont often keep up with blogging soooooo.....
soory about that T^T but i try my best



you are a creator
Your imagination, confidence, willingness to explore, and appreciation of beauty make you a CREATOR.

You are independent, and you enjoy your self-sufficiency.

Defying convention, you are very innovative, and you have a vivid imagination.

The look of things is important to you, and you have a keen eye for aesthetic beauty in multiple arenas.

You have a strong interest in what is new and exciting—and that includes forging ahead with new ideas, not simply discovering what is already out there.

Your eagerness to seek new and varied experiences leads you into many different situations.

You're not set on one way of doing things, and you are creative when it comes to finding novel solutions to complex problems.

You trust yourself to be innovative and resourceful.

Your confidence allows you to take your general awareness and channel it into creativity.

You're not one to force your positions on a group, and you tend to be fair in evaluating different options.

You're well-attuned to your emotional state, and not afraid to use your feelings to guide you. You tend to be cooperative, rarely contradicting others, and always considerate of their feelings.

If you want to be different:

Appreciate the earthly, practical elements of things—there is beauty in form as well.

While you are good at thinking abstractly, focusing on details a bit more may help you discover things about the world.

you are considerate
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You enjoy exploring the world through observation, quietly watching others.

Relating to others so well, and understanding their emotions, leads you to trust people in general, even though you're somewhat shy and reserved at times.

Your belief that people are generally well-intentioned contributes to your sympathy regarding their problems.

Although you may not vocalize it often, you have an awareness of how society affects individuals, and you understand complex causes of people's behavior.

You like to look at all sides of a situation before making a judgment, particularly when that situation involves important things in other people's lives.

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Because other people would benefit immensely from your understanding and insight, you should try to be more outgoing in social situations, even when they make you uncomfortable. Others will want to hear what you have to say!

Confidence 86%

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Extroversion 14%

Empathy 66%

Trust in others 90%

Agency 34%

Masculinity 4%

Femininity 98%

Spontaneity 36%

Attention to style 34%

Authoritarianism 20%

Earthy/Imaginative 4%

Functional Aesthetic 78%

here if you wanna
try it ^^

And So I Decided.....

Hey everyone
i really want to sorta active as being an otaku
so i am going to cosplay every friday this summer!!!!
does this sound like a good idea?
would you like to see pictures?
tell me your thoughts

Quiz Time!!!!

What's your name?

  • infinatelove42
  • Macy-James


  • 15? i dont really know anymore T^T

Favorite colour(s)?

  • PINK!!!!
  • blue
  • green

Favorite band(s)/singer(s)?

  • Utada Hikaru
  • Buono!
  • Beast
  • Jordin Sparks
  • ... sooooo much more T^T

Favorite anime?

  • Depends on mood i am in ^^

Favorite T.V show (not anime)?

  • its been so long since i watch any none anime related tv show
    so hmmmmm...... im not sure ???

Favorite manga?

  • without a doubt SAILORMOON!.... manga is so much better than anime version

Favorite Book/series?

  • Incarceron & Saphique

Favorite Videogames?

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Mario Games
  • Sakura Dust


Do you have a pet? What is it? What is it's name? Nickname? Breed?

  • yes
  • she is a Dutch Bunny
  • her name is Fuzzy
  • so many nicknames sometimes we call her Bunn-Bunn

Who do you live with?

  • Parents i'm only 15!

Got any brothers? Sisters?

  • 1 brother
  • 1 sister

Where do you live?

  • in Narnia

Where do you go to school?

  • Hogwarts Witch Craft & Wizardry

Do you go to school?

  • yes i have to be a wizard i have always dreamed of...

Are you in a relationship?

  • umm.... no not really only in fantasies

Do you wish you were?

  • yeah kind of...

What's your favorite food?


What's your favorite animal(s)?

  • hmmm.... probably a cat? dunno never really thought about it

Do you have more than one account on the otaku?

  • Huh? you can do that!?

Did you ever have an account but erased it before this one?

  • no.... i'm good little girl

What was your username?

  • ummm... didn't i just say i didn't get erased?

Do you have a lot of friends on theO?

  • no i'm just starting to make friends here
    how long have i been here?

Do you like how your life is going?

  • yes its full of OTAKU goodness!!!!

If you could go back in time would you?

  • hmm.... it would be interesting to do so maybe

Do you do something that you and/or others wish you didn't do?

  • WHAT?!

Do you usually talk to others when your upset?

  • yea sometimes i don't get upset that often tho

Are you kind?

  • people tell me i am

Are you funny?

  • i guess? but what really is funny?

Forgot to ask this before! When is your Birthday?

  • March 21

Wish someone should just go away?

  • no cause once they are gone ill miss them

Do you like to draw?

  • of course its why i'm here

What's your hobbies?

  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Collecting Manga
  • Dance

What colour is you hair?

  • Blonde
  • i have always wanted red hair tho

Eye colour?

  • Green

Got any piercing?

  • only my ears

Do you have ratios? Stuff like that?

  • Ratios?

Do you wear fake eyelashes?

  • umm.... no i already have long eyelashes

Fake nails?

  • only once for a birthday party

Do you have long nails?

  • i wouldn't really call them long

What hollowed costumes have you worn?

  • hallowed?

Did you enjoy the quiz?

  • yea its just so long....

Would you want a part 2nd the quiz?

  • of course just make it a little bit shorter

i tag.... NekoTenshiEmi, UnknownRumors, sarah moon,inufluffy, & anyone who wants to this !!!!!

ASK ME ANYTHING IM BORED+ Butterfly picture

hii minna-chii
its soooooo hot i have nothing to do
i cant even doodle the heat is getting to my brain
anyways ask me anything i want to get familiar with everyone
im open to anything even silly things like....
can i have a snack? or can i have your autograph?
or something serious like ....
why are you soo quite? or how did i leran to draw like i do?
open minded really hehehe....
#2 LOOOOOOKIE WHAT UnknownRumors-san DREW FOR MEEE!!!!


hey minna-chii
NekoTenshiEmi linky :) is having a contest and needs people to join please please go to her world and sign up !!!!

Here's a copy/paste of the challenge

Each week (starting on Monday and ending on Sunday) we pick an anime or manga and draw a fan art of that series! Send me the picture so I know it's for this either in a dedication or pm!


On Monday (the start of the new fandom) I will either draw a name out of a hat or give you each a number based on first to submit and randomly select someone who drew a picture!
The random winner gets a free request! (you can ask Emi if you want her to draw for you instead (I'll double check that she will >.>) or even request a collab from us if you really want XD if not I'll probably be drawing it D:)

Looking for more people to join in on the summer challenge fun! :D
SO far our awesome peoples are:


So let me know :) I'd love to be able to start on Monday! Also, you won't have to draw EVERY week XD So if you want to join in, but aren't sure if you'll have time for ALL the series' then......THAT'S OKAY!