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Hii Hii nice to meet you ^^
You can call me: Yama-chan, infinate-chan, Demi

Personality: im actually really shy a person when meeting or talking to others so ... BEWARE!!!
but when i get to know you better i start showing my crazy normal self O boy>-<

You can ask me about anything honestly hehe... and ill try to answer back <3

haha... honestly i dont often keep up with blogging soooooo.....
soory about that T^T but i try my best



Soooooooo i found this really cute chibi maker Here and i started playing around with them and started doing my OCs wahhh soooo cute

here is Butterfly


On another note ..
omg ! it been a while i have been zoo busy with classes that i had no time to draw
hopefully this summer i will *crosses fingers* *wishes on a star* *does a lucky dance*
i truly miss all of you

Shh... its a Secret Wishlist

Hi hi
i hope you don't mind my list I'm trying to hold back from going crazy this year
i hope you have fun drawing these things

I love it when someone draws my Ocs

i also love anything Sailor Moon or neko
i really am a shoujo girl so magical girls or a chibi in a teacup
are also something to keep in mind

but if shoujo isn't your style or
girls are one of worst things to draw for you then a paring of
Nagisa and Rei from Free!
Hinata and from Haikyuu!
KEVIN and ELI from U-kiss they are my fav band!

or maybe the Hitachiin Twins would be best ^///^
Hatsune Miku is also a major plus

~Good Luck


... ssssoooooooooooooooo
umm.. hi
*breaks down in tears*

Free! aka Swimmig Anime !!!

im soo excited probably because normally i dont really pay attention to sporty anime
(not really a sporty person ... )
buuuuut i was on the swim team at my school so im hoping ill know some of the stuffs
they are are taking about >-<


And my scanner decided to breathe his last ink
which means i need to get a new one
until then i will be making posts like these...
and draw everyday Prepare to be spammed by lovely art

how is everyone's summer been going?
im sorry i haven't been online much
one thing leads to another and i became so busy wahhhhhh