Hey! I'm Unicia! If you haven't guessed, I'm an Unown gijinka part of the PGR rp...

Unicia: WOW! This place is hugeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Me: Haha, it's been awhile since I've done anything on theO... So I tried my best with this new world...

Unicia: Come on slowbro! Hurry up and get me into the rp already!

Oh yes! But first, here is some of my important info~

PGR World
Art Work of Me


Unicia: Woohhh... I look all weird!

Me: I know.. Your hair looks too perfect.

Unicia: You're so mean!!!

Unicia the Unown

External Image

Name: Unicia
Nicknames: Uni, U,
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: April 13
Pokemon: Unown (As for the “letter” its U of course!)
National #: 201
Title: Symbol Pokemon
Nature: Modest
Held Items: None
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Hidden Power, Metronome, Confusion, and Hypnoses.
Weak Against: Dark, Ghost, and Bug type attacks.
Height: 5 feet 7 inches.
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Darkish gray.
Hair Length: Very long, just above her hips. It’s wavy but almost always tied back in a bun. Although the bun is usually pretty messy with pieces of hair sticking out.
Eye Color: Yellow-orange, and the scelera (white part of the eye.) is black.
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: A very small and skinny frame.
Markings/Scars: Markings on her back of Unown that supposable spell something out, but if you compare the Unown to English letters, it will just look like gibberish.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None (but she thinks they look interesting.)
Appearance: Most notable features though are small facial features but large eyes. The scelera (or the white part of the eye.) is black (Unicia is very self-conscious about it.)
Full Outfit: A blue poncho that has a outline of a circle and in it there is a smaller black circle. A black tank top that is cut towards the middle of her stomach. Purple skinny jeans and black flats. As for accessories, she wears dark blue flamed glasses and a wooden necklace with the Unown “U” symbol on it.
Personality: Very curious and out-going. Unicia is always willing to try new things.
Orientation: Not too sure about that “dating” thing people do. But let’s go with straight for now.
Rival: N/A
Family: N/A
Hometown: Ruins of Alph
Likes: Bread, clouds, cooking, reading.
Dislikes: Electronics (they scare her, especially that box that makes noise. *tv* She believes that it has somehow entrapped people in it and forces them to talk and entertain.), spicy things,
Fears: Well, she’s scared of electronics, but her fears are forcibly having to go back to the Unowns because she really does like being out here.
Strengths: Unicia is very intelligent. Very good at memorizing. Also she isn’t good at physical strength, but she is flexible.
Weaknesses: She doesn’t have very much physical strength. Unicia CAN fight, but can’t do up close hand to hand.


Favorite Food: Bread. Not kidding. It was the first food she had tasted so it’s her favorite.
Drink: Coffee
Color: Pink
Tree: Pine
Season: Spring
Activity: Reading <---refuses to do any physical activities.

Background: Unicia is from the Ruins of Alph. There is a small tradition there, very similar to the Amish, where upon a certain age the Unown are allowed into the mortal world. Up until then, they live in a parallel dimension. Before that, they had only heard about “food” and “water” and “cloths”. Where they were, they simply existed, no real body unless they come into the mortal world. (In that case, they appeared as the normal pokemon you would usually see.) But in this special case, they are allowed out as a gijinka to better explore the world.
Unicia… She is a bit older than most who go out (The average age is 18-20 human years.), but that’s simply because she had a harder time controlling her powers. Normally one Unown alone shows no threat, but if the Unown has no control it could easily reopen a different dimension.

At first Unicia was confused, but very excited. It was the first time in a body, let alone a human. Unowns have no true gender, but Unicia was given female. It took some time for her to get used to it and she stayed very close to the Ruins of Alph, but eventually left (no cloths might I add.) After a week or so after leaving the ruins, she came across a small town (that slightly had a panic attack at her strange eyes and.. Well.. No cloths.) but they showed no prejudice towards her, even though she was a gijinka. That was when, of course, she tasted bread, and it became her favorite food.

Unicia has been wandering around now for three months and has great control of her body, but her energy is easily affected by emotions. Make her mad and she might accidentally toss you across the room, make her sad, she might create a blizzard.

And one more thing, since she and most others hardly ever left Johto (Or Violet City for that matter.) she knows NOTHING about other gens after fourth (so those of you who are fifth gen gijinkas, be ready for some major staring…)