little things about my art

  • i love to rush through things
  • i nearly never use brown or grean unless i use brown for skin tones or grean for plants
  • i dont suck so bad at drawing hands but the inking proces ushaly kills them but i do suck at forshortening with them ^_^
  • naturaly i am a verry messy person ( see my room) but i organise my mess to make the ilushion of art (I'm so devious).
  • most of the time when i start off my art i have no idea what i am gonna do and let my mistakes guide me XP
  • but when i do have ideas they dont turn out exsacaly how i want them but i like the finished product.
  • I am byest of my art so most of it i am not exsacaly 100% proud of but hey that's what practice is for so i can be great!!!*lllllaaaaaa*