hello im kie and this is my world where i post my unfinished works!

when i run out of imagination juice and the store is out of it too

lol this is your chance to help meh>.< who ever gives me the best idea or help i will repay them some how XD and dedicate them the pice if i wasent already going to dedicat it to some one else
also if you run out of ideas or need help on some i'll be more than happy to let you post oh here for help

guest posters welcome!!!

little things about my art

  • i love to rush through things
  • i nearly never use brown or grean unless i use brown for skin tones or grean for plants
  • i dont suck so bad at drawing hands but the inking proces ushaly kills them but i do suck at forshortening with them ^_^
  • naturaly i am a verry messy person ( see my room) but i organise my mess to make the ilushion of art (I'm so devious).
  • most of the time when i start off my art i have no idea what i am gonna do and let my mistakes guide me XP
  • but when i do have ideas they dont turn out exsacaly how i want them but i like the finished product.
  • I am byest of my art so most of it i am not exsacaly 100% proud of but hey that's what practice is for so i can be great!!!*lllllaaaaaa*

have no clue what to do next T.T

what kind of theam should i do for my back ground? and what colors would be good .i was thinking maybe urban?
idk help me XD