Hello hello!

Long time no see/hear! You were probably wondering, 'Hey, whatever happened to this nutty chick...' Well, life did o.O However, as I'm trying to get my lifestyle back on track, I'll be trying to pick up on some things I used to do before, and coming back around here should be one.

Noooooow, for some changes around here. No, I'm still not changing my avatar. Yoruichi forever! So, my story page has been this close to a big flop, so that one's going to fly, baby, FLY! I'm kidding, but yes, I am deleting it.

I was thinking of doing something, and I want whoever is still there, following me (if any people at all) to share an opinion. Since I've begun participating in cosplay, I have found a lot of people trying to do the same. Unfortunately however, most of the people who try their luck cosplaying don't have enough knowledge to build costumes/props, don't know what materials to use and how to use them, or maybe they just need a helping hand. Now, I'm no pro at this, but I was wondering how many people would like a page dedicated to tips, tutorials and questions regarding COSPLAY. Post your opinions in the comments!

Hopefully you will start seeing more art from me too (hopefully) since I have slightly more freedom now! Anything else that I missed? <.<? >.>?

Thank you for reading,
faithfully and crazily yours,