Hello hello! Your friendly nut here, Dyana. This is a general blog/rant/info world of mine. Enjoy and if you want to post too, just ask me~

Remember, have fun and keep smiling!

I survived...

I had a hellish day yesterday...I had to stay up till morning for the third consecutive night to finish a program I had to do for a project, going on only half an hour of sleep on the last day, finish a couple more source codes for another discipline and take a test on yet another...all in the same day. And it's not like that project code was easy to write, but as my friend Remy would say, that's kind of a foreign language up there *laughs* And this concludes my semester...now exams begin. Oh the joy, taking exams on days with 40 degrees temperature. Thanks to my friends I managed not to breakdown into a nervous wreck so I wanna thank them all for getting me through the day and listening to my rants. And sorry for this particular rant.

I wanna share this with all of you, it's one of my all-time favorite songs and you could say it's one of my motto-s in life. Enjoy.

Walk under the sky with me

This is my first post in here and writing it while looking at the clear sky outside seems like a good plan, ne? I'll start off by saying some things about me for those who want to know me better.

I'm a cheerful person, I like enjoying my life and looking forward no matter what. Because you always need to have the strength to get up and keep walking even if you're struck down. Even if life is hard there will always be something to smile about, you just have to reach and catch it *smiles*

I'm a very creative person so I'm more into nature and arts than exact science, but I am a science maniac as well. Science fascinates me but I try not to get too deep in it. Ironical really, I'm a nature-girl studying IT. But nature is still my favorite place. If I can have a green corner somewhere where I can just enjoy the sounds and look at the sky, then it's perfect for me, hence the name of this world. My main hobbies are drawing and writing and listening to music. But I also enjoy reading and vectoring a lot. Give me a good book and you've got me busy for a few days. Music is also a big part of me. You could say I can't live without it. My musical preferences range to pretty much everything, hard to soft, classic to modern. If I like the song I don't care what genre it is or who sings it, I just listen to it. You might find songs in here once in a while.

I like to make people smile or even better, laugh. I think I'm gonna resume making cards for that purpose. Hmmm, what else can I tell you guys about me? My friend will laugh if she sees this but yes, I confess! I have a very high need for sugar! Only one thing gets me hyper but I try avoiding that. I'm usually in a good mood and like putting others in a good mood as well *smiles*

Stick around if you wanna find out more *winks*
*crazy happy funny yoruichi smile*