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Remember, have fun and keep smiling!

Nice day

Ok so even though my past days have only consisted of studying eating and sleeping, today I've been in a particularly good mood. Only two more days and I'll get rid of my last exam too. Yay! In the meantime I've moved into a new room and this song is courtesy of one of my new roomies! I love this room... I've been humming to it all day, hope you'll like it just as much. Enjoy

Remember, have fun and keep smiling
*crazy happy funny yoruichi smile*

9 fears...

I fear... [ ] the dark [ ] staying single forever [ ] being a parent [ ] giving birth [ ] being myself in front of others [ ] open spaces [x] closed spaces [ ] heights [ ] dogs [ ] birds...

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Awesomely awful day

I had an incredible day today! *sarcasm* I went to the exam, hopes high, I went out, hopes still up high...and then I failed. I won't go into details but the main line is he wanted to fail us and he did just that...Just one of the many reasons why I want to get the hell out of here...And then, as if that wasn't enough, a storm started in the blink of an eye and I had to walk through 2-feet tall water while still bearing with the heavy storm. I got home soaked and pouring water out of my sneakers. And then to top it off I went at it with mom on the phone. Awesome day! But I have the satisfaction that I did my best and that's all that matters. Amazingly, I was in a great mood and my friend helped a lot, so thanks, Stars. You rock, even with a ghetto look *laughs* Bottom line, end of the day, I'm tired as hell and I'm going to crash like a rock. But I'm feeling great so don't worry about me Have fun and keep smiling
*crazy happy funny yoruichi smile*


Ok, I named this post Rant. If people want to read it they click it, if they don't like rants, no use annoying them. I just want to spill my nerves somewhere.... I am FED UP. I can't take this anymore. I. Am. Going. Mental. I can't take it ...

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Fresh air

Whew, sure glad that's over! I passed my geometry exam today and I am thrilled! *throws hands up in the air* Don't look at me like that, I hate maths...Give me ANYTHING else and I'm ok with it but maths just kills me...Anyway, now I can finally BREATHE for a change instead of inspiring equations and formulas. And it's just perfect since it's raining outside. Hmmm, raining with sunshine, haven't seen that in a while, I might even get lucky and see a rainbow. Four more to go! And with the help of my friends...who've been pulling me up every time I sunk down under my desk saying I would fail this one...I'll get through the others ok as well. Even TheOtaku helped; a comment here, a laugh at a card there, kept me sane. So here's a nice song for all you guys *smiles* Remember, have fun and keep smiling.
*crazy happy funny yoruichi smile*