I am dead, I am dying, i cant deal with this. My printer isnt working correctly so i cant scan in my art for challenges. Marching band has drained me to the point where it takes me like an hour and another hour to even muster up the strength to type or even play video games! Ugh!
but you know i almost had a heart attack when i girl i just met today at lunch was wearing sollux captor cosplay.

So here is how it went off.
I had an assembly and when it was over, we were passing the freshman right? And i was in the crowd but i lost my friends in it so when i turned my head to see if i saw anyone I knew out of the freshman I literally stopped dead in my tracks and started staring.
Its like the moment you see a cosplayer at a con. that you recognize but in school.
I mean this chick made my day.
We were searching for her at lunch and i looked at the tables at lunch and saw her and started to freak.
I ended up holding shaymingirl down because she wanted to speak to her but IT WAS TOO SOON.
I continued my creeping as she got up and threw some stuff away. I slammed my hands down on the table because I said if she was wearing the grey and white (er black and white) shoes i would flip my lid and I did.

Me and shaymingirl waltzed over and cornered her between two tables and then ended up hugging in the middle of the larger walkway.
Her name is Madeline and she will be at anime club when it starts up which is awesome!
Too bad my cramping friend couldnt see her but we certainly did tell her about her.
Everyone in Marching band kept asking about her (my friend)which was pretty intriguing. Yeah, we finally had sectionals first and the beginning of it we started talking about twerking while jazz running and even got a demonstration from one of the saxophone players (hahaha) and then that escalated to butt cheeks and then to butts in general. Then people asked where my friend was and i told them she was at home and then my leader asked why (this was all like public discussion for us) and I said she had terrible cramps and then we all started talking about periods. Matthew turned to me and told me that he understood our pain even though he wasnt a girl and then his leader turned to him and said, boy you hang out with girls all the time you should know our pain! yeah uh funny thing is he was the only male woodwind player and the woodwind instructor wasn't there at the time and he ended up coming near the end of the sectionals. So yeah, one guy out of (i'm too tired to count).

It's off topic but I would like to take the time and actually say my name. It's Sarah. but you can call me whatever you like (it's normally weirdo haha)