OKay so first week of band camp is OVER! Wooohooo! I am so sore right now.
This week it was from 8 am (Everyone gets up at 6 to prepare and pick up people) to 5 pm from monday to thursday (next week i will have to go through hell again everyweekday)

Today my band director thought it was a smart idea to hold it over for 20 more minutes as if the whole 9 hours wasn't enough, but everyone had fun at set (so we weren't exactly how we were supossed to act buttt...) even though we were so sore cuz we were playing snap!
Yeah but the director kept haaving us "throw" it up there so he could "catch" it and put it in his pocket.
We kept saying "jokes on you! We have a leash attached to it!" and we would yank it back and start throwing it again later.
and sometimes it (there is no object whatsoever here) would divide and like 9 people would catch it at the same time ahaha...

fun game
sore bones
i would say more but i am about to fall asleep at the keyboard like i did the past week


(The only reason i had great shoulders was because i couldnt move my left arm anywere else. I play the flute and people are all like "its not so bad" and Im like "Dude, have you ever held a flute and marched? I think NOT. We have the most awkwardest position ever.")

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