Okay. SOooooo I am done with my vacations finally, went to see the lion king (play version!) and horseback-riding for the first time ever (it was super fun).
Memorized two movements in one day again(One needs practice but the other one is golden, luckily mini band camp starts tomorrow!)and yes i am practicing every day...
made a tone of OCs
laughed at things that popped up on Tumblr and SPEAKING ABOUT TUMBLR
Does anyone know about that silly little war going on between Tumblr and 4chan?
It is stupid but the really funny part about it is that everyone in homestuck doesn't care. 4chan has tried stuff (so ive heard) with homestuck but everyone was all like "duuuuuuuuude, we have that stuff already in our tags but thanks."
all and all it is completely bullcrap but fun to watch.
Tumblr freaks out only for a good laugh, or so it seems. It was around midnight when i saw there was a post about finding a waffle under the pancake tag.
like, have you seeen it?
the only comment was i think just simply "4Chan" probably mmore buttttttt....

and i got a 2 on my ap test. Sad but it is "possibly qualified"
what i am mad is that i can't see my essay scores! WHAT DID I GET ON MY FREAKING DBQ! IT WAS EXTREMELY WELL MADE. I DID EVERYTHING I POSSIBLE COULD FOR IT AND EVEN MORE. yeah uh almost all of the documents were communist and there were like two other documents that were peasants and it was so totally bias and like holy cow.

also did anyone see the first episode of DRAMATICAL MURDER????????
I did~ I really liked it but i kept criticizing their clothes over the phone with two of my friends.

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