pissy mood and pokemon

Warning: Uncensored cussing (very mild, I thought it would happen more often), multiple mentions of female problems, etc.
Frankly, I hate the outside. I can't stand it.
I also hate family vacations that involve boring things.
Take today for an example: I was dragged to a reenactment of the battle of 1812 (sure it's exciting but not when you are on your fucking period and the day is the day it decides to be the worst)
Good point: Ships, bombs, boom, yay (oh! ANd Icecream which we NEVER HAVE)
Bad part: Dragged around from 12 to 4 and the ships weren't shooting at each other and I had to watch videos made by middle-school children who clearly, for the life of me, cannot act. sorry.
My parents are mad that I don't want to be dragged around Baltimore tomorrow to see a fort that they have seen before because I am in such a "witchy mood" (let's face the facts, they meant bitchy) I told them that they can just leave me at home or leave me at my Aunt's house but they don't like leaving me home alone and going far away (waaaah Waaaah. They normally trust me! I am fine on my fucking own and frankly I like it when the house is quiet and I am happily ALONE)

So. Why can't they leave me at my Aunt's house? Well, Let me tell you.
My Parents are going to the beach on Thursday to Saturday (wish it was longer) and they have been very kind to me as to leave me with my Aunt so I don't ruin that like I normally do (I hate the beach).
My close friend and I wanted to go to a horror con (Which was from thursday to sunday travelwise and all) together because her parents have a booth and she is normally alone and bored and she wants a friend there. Plus, THE STUFF THEY HAVE IS EPIC...
But Nope. I can't go. So I will be with my Aunt for three days which is perfectly fine.
If I wasn't on my period I would have been A-Okay going to these places...sorta.
Now my mom wants to take me shopping for bedsheets and stuff and I just wanna sleep. I willfully went bra and swimsuit shopping on friday and saturday, what more does she want?!

I went to see Maleficent on Saturday and it was AWESOME! I wanted to see it soooo badly! Tuesday I get to see the Lion King (the play thing) so I have that to look forward to.

Nother change of subject: Has anyone seen the Hex Maniac Girl in pokemon X and Y? IT is sooooo creepy and cool. I just hate it when the walking animation stopped like that. Me and my friend started talking about ways to turn it into a creepy pasta story after we saw it. Hehehehe.
Sadly part on my data was deleted when the game card shifted when I set it down the day afterwards. Just a little bit, not much.

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