Welcome to Lea-chan's Ultimate Guide to Creating!

There's many worlds up on theO telling you rules about theO. Such as, wallpaper sizes, e-card sizes, what is allowed, what isn't. But sometimes, when you're ready to create something, you realize- you still don't know how to create those things! That's where this world will help you in.

To people coming here to learn to create:
Most of the tutorials here will try to keep things simple. There may be tutorials that apply to more than one item. Such as e-cards and wallpapers. Refer to the post's title to see what the tutorial may apply to.
My tutorials will mainly be for e-cards and wallpapers. For those who would like to learn how to improve their artworks and whatnot, you can visit my friends' world right here: OMG CLICK ME!
If you have a certain request for a tutorial, you may comment in my guestbook, send me a message, or comment somewhere here on the world. :)

To people coming here who already have the skills:
Want to share some of the skills with the beginners at our art? You can contact me by posting a comment onto this world or messaging me asking to be a guest poster! I will tell you the rules and how it works on the world before adding you. :D

*Please give credit to this world on your creation if you used this to make your wallpaper/e-card* (lol, advertising :D)

Table of Contents
1. Images
2. Text
3. Layers
4. Textures

1. Images
2. Layers
3. Textures
4. Eliminating Large Spaces

Wallpapers/E-cards - Pictures

[Some of you may recognize this e-card as one that I've posted onto theO before.]

I remember when I first started making e-cards (before I made wallpapers). There were a few questions that I had.
Where did the images come from?
Did the people draw it?
But then again, there're links...
So then what kinds of websites should I get the images from?
Google doesn't have that many good images....?

When you're first starting off, I'd recommend using minitokyo.net. It has images from practically all animes and mangas. You can also search up a color and it'll give you things related to that color.

Now, after you've found your image, check to make sure IT IS NOT A WALLPAPER! Using a wallpaper to make your own wallpaper/e-card is considered using someone else's creation without having their permission. I've gotten 2 e-cards removed from theO because I did not know this.

So what can you use? The scans. After searching on minitokyo.net, click on the scans tab. It should be on the right side of the webpage. Anything from there is allowed to be used.

When making a wallpaper, don't just save the image right off. Get the image to its full size (it should cover your whole computer's window) and save that. Otherwise, when you make your wallpaper, the image will become blurry!

So, that's about all the tips for this section. A quick overview:
[x] Images from minitokyo.net are great for wallpapers and e-cards.
[x] Make sure your image is a scan and not a wallpaper. Wallpapers on minitokyo were created by its users. (Therefore, are copyrighted)
[x] Save the full size image, not the little preview one!