Snow or Sand?

Snow or Sand? (chapter 1)

"I'm bored..." I whined. Ulquiorra simply glanced at me from the corner of his eye, then turned back to the magizine he was reading. My sister and idol, Mona, giggled. I glared at her. Stark, her boyfriend, was half sleep on the floor leaning against the couch and playing 'sonic adventer battle 2' on our gamecube. My sister and I had been here for about a year or so, and I estimated that i would be winter in the world of the living. I groaned then promptly found my nintendo DS and my MP3 player and started them both up. I was playing my nintendogs game and was frustrated because my dog couldn't seem to understand the commands I was giving her. "try having your voice at the same level when you give them commands." Ulquiorra gave his imput while simultainiously turning the page. It worked. All of a sudden the sound of snoring filled the room. It made Mona and I jump from the sudden break of silence. Stark had fallen asleep while running from a 16 wheel truck on the city escape level. Mona hollered and grabbed the control, that was our file he was playing and she'd be damned if we lost the all the coins he had collected thus far. I used this as an oppertunity to gaze at Ulquiorra with out him noiticing. I had liked him since we had been brought here to Las Noches. He seemingly hadn't noticed. I have no clue why I liked him, I mean, he never shows emotion and probably never will, but for some reason I still found him ireistable. Mona succeeded in saving all our coins on the game and popped Stark in the head for falling asleep. "ow...what...*yawn* did i do?" he said, shaking off the sleep that he was doomed to return to anyway. "why did you even play if you were going to fall asleep?" Mona kinda half asked/half sighed. Stark just chuckled. I noticed Ulquiorra's eyes switch to the door for a moment, then back to his magizine. The door burst open not five seconds later with no warning. I threw a sharp object out of impulse and Mona yanked out her pistol on that same impulse. Grimmjow stood there, with Nnoitra and Szayel be hind him. "alright, my turn on the gamecube." he said solidly. "bull crap." Mona said just as solidly. I watched. if Grimmjow lost his mind enough to hit Mona, I would kill him. Ulquiorra turned a page. Nnoitra grinned harder that usual. "this oughta be funny..." he said chuckling. Szayel just smiled. Szayel was dating my friend Diana, while Grimmjow was dating my friend Jenny. I glared at them both, but said nothing. Stark watched threw half closed eyes, he wasn't about to let Grimmjow hit Mona either. Ulquiorra spoke up. "if you two are going to fight, do it some where were Kiyoko won't know about it." He turned another page. "what? what do you mean Ulqui-san!?" I asked. "if you learn about it, you'd probably blow Hueco Mondo into nothing but molecules." he said, still not looking at me. Every one in the room looked at me for a moment(all except Ulquiorra, he was still reading), gauging whether or not to take that bit of information seriously. They all came to the same conclusion: that that was probably true. I loved blowing stuff up (in a naruto comic i could be mistaken for Deidara's girlfriend). Grimmjow scoffed and decided to get himself some chips instead of fight for the game. Nnoitra and Szayel walked in too. Nnoitra sat on the pure white couch and proped his feet on the coffee table. Szayel sat on the other side of me. We gave each other dap, and watched Mona play 'Devil May Cry'.