Pokemon and Dragons

My dragons and pokemon will now be posted here on my IMVU, it takes a while to load, but the eggs are viewable and scroll down and you can view the hatchlings


Awwww all the dragons died Y Y but 1 survived ^-^ a sea dragon named Seabert, I'd like to thank all those who helped my precious one pull through. here's seabert and the new little one, I decided to do one dragon at a time, having more than one is sad especially when they all die Y Y an it's a she O.O''' ^^''' whoops, miss-named her....I never saw the gender oh well, if boys can be named Shirley, I name this girl Seabert ^^''' please view them on my myotaku, please.

Yay and sob T T

I give a huge thank you to those helping my baby dragon's, the blue egg will hatch in 2 days I believe =D however, the white, pink, and pink/green dragon eggs may not make it, they have yet to show signs of maturing (cracking through their eggs)...poor things Y Y I feel so sad, I wish I could do something, frankly as the owner I'm only allowed a limit of times I can view them I really hope they make it, and don't worry about the little pokemon ^-^ they're doing superb!

The Baby Pokemon are up =D

The baby pokemon eggs have been selected and posted, help me warm them, hatch them, but no hurt them or you feel my rash
Liana: Don't you mean wrath?
That too!!!
Liana: ._.''''
Go to my myotaku page:

Once those 6 hatch another 6 will be placed for people who just love the little cuties X3 or just like babies.

Meet the cute little Dragons -^-^-

These are the first 4 baby dragon eggs I have in my incubator, since 4 is the limit. The last 4 died cause no one would help save them Y_Y, just click the little guys view their info for as much as you want, the more views and unique views they get, the greater chances of survivial ^-^, you can watch them hatch in a matter of days and watch them grow. See what kind of dragon emerges. Just remember these little cuties can bite once hatched
Go to this link, since html codes wont work now:
Or go to my myotaku and look at the incubator help will be appreciated by me and the tiny little gifts inside the eggs