Snow being the face of defeat
getting what I wanted seemed out of reach
this feels so real..
the cold snow.

My feet and soul are burning
the coldness is torturing,
how could I care for a creature like this?

I'm not sure who I am or what is real anymore...


The clamor in my hands was justified, like an earthquake was trying to break my hands apart from each other they shook me. Prayer filled my mind as I lisped and spit out the answers of the divine. Between dreams and life I gasped for air. Seeking reality I coughed up blood on my silver trim of my heavy coat. The snow turned deep red. Winter foxes sat at my sides seeking wisdom. Eyes heavy and boiling sweat rolled down from my forehead to my face. I heard the whispers in the light. So I unleashed the hole between my hands. That void with a thousand eyes, bloodshot. So it greedily looked at me. But, there it met my dagger made from the bones of Aleshka the white and most gentle whale to ever breath on this earth. The pale bone struck and gauged the monsters eyes. The spirits of gamblers and thieves seeped out from within the monster and to space they shot. Finding their own redemption.

I am writing a book

I have been working on a book. I have a rough draft complete. You can PM me your email if you want a copy of my book. I'll gladly show you it. I have already found a publisher and have copyrighted my work so I am on a good track ^.^ plz request my rough draft and tell your friends about it!!!! I really need all the support I can get!

This Post

I wonder if someone really posts for just themselves and no one else,
if they are just there to admire themselves and most of their page visits come from an account that they created and have different names.
I wonder all of that.


------_________----------- I wonder who what is...