Welcome, friends! This is basically my life update world, where I pour all the crap going on in my life at the moment. I don't expect people to give this place much attention, to be honest. Well, make yourself at home, anyway!

My first con!

Next month, I'll be attending my first con: A-Kon!
My sister and her fiancee offered (more like decided) to take me with them, and I'm pretty excited! But, I'm also very nervous. With my social-anxiety, those crowds are gonna be hard to brave. I'll have people I trust with me, though, so if I start to get anxious, I know they'll have it covered. I won't be cosplaying, by the way. Cosplay is too expensive XD

Some advice, please?

do you think it would be a dumb thing to set up a gofundme thing to pay off my families debt to my grandfather?
we need about $80,000. he payed for our house, because we literally had no money. our lease was up on our previous house, so if he hadn’t we would have been homeless. my dad was very grateful and surprised that he’d do something like that, as my grandfather was basically the worlds shittiest dad to him when he was younger.
thing is, we never imaged my grandfather would be so persistent and pressing about paying him back. my parents are unemployed, and trying very hard to find work. they spend all day putting in applications - they only occasionally get called back. my grandfather constantly (and i mean like once or twice everyday) calls asking if they’ve found a job yet. since they don’t, my grandfather works my parents to the bone, and pays them nothing for it. My dad has bad knees. Standing up and standing in general is painful for him. My mom has Spinal Stenosis - her back is in constant pain. I hate to see them come home each day in so much pain. I’d love to get a job, but I have severe social anxiety. If I’m not accompanied by someone familiar to me, and even in some situations when I am, I have panic attacks. My Grandfather has the power to evict us from this house, and has threatened it many times. We don’t have the money to rent a house, we can hardly even feed ourselves. Would it really be such a bad thing to set up a gofundme?


So, for a few months now, I've had this thing called tinnitus. It's essentially when you're ears ring constantly - but sometimes it's not ringing. Sometimes is a roaring, buzzing, or whoosing sound. It's agonizingly annoying. The medicine for it is kinda expensive, and I can't really go to the Doctor for it, also for lack of funds - so my mom tried to see if there was a cheaper kind at the dollar store. Turns out there is. It's these weird little diamond shaped chalky pills that I have to let dissolve under my tongue. They're taking a little bit longer than I'd like to work, but in the end as long as I have them, it's better than not. I've only had them for two days, but I'm really hoping they start working soon. Like, really hoping. This constant ringing is maddening.

look at this thing

I can't actually post it here, cause it's a gif and I don't want to submit it to e-cards, but look at this thing I made.

Night Vale

I've recently become a big fan of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale C: it's pretty cool!! If you don't know what what Welcome to Night Vale is, the description reads:

"Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events. Turn on your radio and hide. Welcome to Night Vale."

and can be found here.