Welcome, friends! This is basically my life update world, where I pour all the crap going on in my life at the moment. I don't expect people to give this place much attention, to be honest. Well, make yourself at home, anyway!

Guess what

It snowed! It's a little late, but I'm still happy C:

Happy Birthday to Me!

19th birthday and everyone is arguing.

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I jinxed myself!

Seem I caught a cold. My throat hurts pretty badly ;w;
And, it's true! I jinxed myself. It's totally normal for me to get
a cold during cold seasons, and seeing as it's almost spring, I thought
I'd be safe to say, "Oh, what a surprise! I haven't gotten a cold this winter!"

This is what happens when you underestimate Mother Nature!
I'm sorry Mother Nature, I take it back! ;w;
Just get rid of this terrible sore throat!


I just recently got back from a hiatus, for anyone who didn't know! Just thought I'd say so ouo

In Loving Memory...

On this day, we lost a wonderful member of our family. Our cat Spike - just 4 years old - passed away. He had a urinary tract infection, and we had no money to help him with. He suffered for three days, before he passed. I kept telling myself, “He’ll be okay. He’s a strong cat. The first one didn’t kill him. He’ll live.” but I knew deep in my heart that his days were numbered. As I type this, it really is soaking in that I never see him again. I’ll never feel his soft fur, or hug him when I’m sad… ever again…
I miss him so much already. My precious baby boy… I’ll never see him… again. I don’t believe in God, but if he does exist, then heaven just got a new angel. Farewell, my dearest. I’m so sorry there wasn’t a thing we could have done. I felt powerless and sad the entire time you were sick. I’m just glad you aren’t suffering anymore.

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