Welcome, friends! This is basically my life update world, where I pour all the crap going on in my life at the moment. I don't expect people to give this place much attention, to be honest. Well, make yourself at home, anyway!

Art Slump

I haven't posted any art in a while. That's mostly because I haven't drawn in a while. I mean, I've drawn some stuff, but it's not really that great. I might post them. I dunno, do you think I should? It's just some random stuff I did when I couldn't sleep.

Making Myself Better

Today, I went to my first counseling appointment. I spent all last night being so nervous and anxious, I couldn't sleep. Finally, I passed out around 2 AM, probably from the stress. When I woke up this morning, however, I felt strangely calm. I took a shower, got dressed, and the whole time, I felt... almost tranquil? The whole car ride consisted of my Mom carrying the conversation, while I attempted to harden my resolve. In my head, I kept saying to myself, "This is the point of no return. You can't go back now. There is only forward." and, this thought would usually make me hysteric - but, this time, it was what kept my insides from coming unglued. Once we got there, I filled out some left over paperwork, and then we were taken in back, where the offices are. My counselor seems nice, like a young elementary school teacher. I think I'll have an easier time talking to her. The lady at MHMR made me anxious, so I was worried this lady would too. This is the first step. The first step is always the hardest, but it has to be taken. I just hope I'm prepared.

Life Update? I guess??

It's been a while... like, a really, really long while... I suppose a lot has happened. My second nephew was born, we're going to move, uuuh, I got a laptop... uhh... I can't really remember all of it... I turned 20 since last update... uhh... well, I guess what's happened since then doesn't matter: on to the current events! I went to the MHMR recently, which is like a mental health clinic of sorts. I thought I was going for a financial appointment, but it turned out to be a psyche evaluation?? So, I'll be going to counseling for my social anxiety. Dunno when, but my mom has been calling around. I dunno if I want to go, but I've been trying to harden my resolve to be better lately. I could write a big long thing, but I don't really want to. It's really early right now and I'm still kinda sleepy. Anyway, there's that.

Look! A baby!

The evening of my last update, I was informed that my sister was going to be induced, and she had her daughter that night. Just wanted you all to know.

It's Been Awhile

I haven't posted here in a good while, ey?? A few months, I believe. Well, lots of things have happened since then. Too much, even, to cover in this meager post, so I'm just gonna skip over the small stuff. Well, lesse, where to begin... as, per usual, we're drowning financially. It's been the cause of lots of events since my last update. Oh, my sister is gonna give birth any day now! That's pretty big news, yeah?? She's super nervous, as I figure she would be :'D I kinda am too. I mean, my brother already has a son, with another on the way, but this is my sister's first. And, honestly, I'm closer to my sister than I am my brother. Anyhoo - what else?? I'm trying to do this in order, but my memory is crappy... Oh, forget it - I'll do it as the memories pop up.

Most recently, my dad's dad is going to force us out of home so he can sell it. He paid for it in the first place, and I guess he's been having to pay tax on it cause we're dirt poor. I dunno why he thought it'd be fine to buy us a house that was way out of budget range, that was really a stupid move on his part. I hate him, you know. I refuse to refer to him as my grandfather. He's not family to me. He's treated my father like garbage for the past 9 years. I'm sick of him. I wish he'd leave us alone. What kind of father forces his son out of home, just because he's poor? He's like a loan shark, nagging my dad to pay him back for the house day after day. We have no money. We have no means to obtain money. That's why we needed help paying for the house, in the first place! He'd really rather see his son homeless, than let go of this supposed debt?? It's not as if he's hurting for money!! He owns multiple properties, which he leases out, and he's a small business owner. He's pretty much set.

Anyway, enough talking about him. My friend is in a rather bad situation, so I asked my parents if she could live with us. With how our own situation is, I feel pretty confident they'll say no, but I have to do something for her. She's been such a good friend of mine for 5 years. She deserves better than where she's at. I just... want to be of more use than giving her advice over Facebook. She's a wonderful, kind, funny, and incredibly talented girl, but her family treats her like trash. Maybe she wouldn't want me posting about her situation like this, but I have to get this out there. I have to get it off my chest. I'm scared for her. I'm afraid one day she's going to kill herself, and I can't lose her. I try everyday to let her know how important she is to me, but I don't know if it's getting through to her. For the time being, I feel like it's simmered down a little, but I have no way of being sure. I'm not there with her.

Aside from that, there's also some good news! I have a 3DS, finally!! Graciously donated by the older brother of my sister's fiancee!! If you'd like, we can exchange friend codes! I haven't got any games for it now, what with being poor and all, but I've still got some of my old DS games to play. That's enough for now. Aaand, I feel like that's all I got to say for now. Just wanted to quickly update anyone who was interested in reading. By for now C: