Welcome, friends! This is basically my life update world, where I pour all the crap going on in my life at the moment. I don't expect people to give this place much attention, to be honest. Well, make yourself at home, anyway!

Okay, so listen

Yes, I was gone for a long time again. This is going to keep happening. We don't have internet. We live in a travel trailer. One of those ones that people pull along with their car/truck and park in RV parks. We rely on parks for their wifi. So, I'm going to be gone for long periods of time. Right now, we're parked at my grandma's. And she has bangarang internet, so yay for that. I'll try to pop in every time I can. Not that anyone cares or even reads these. But, yeah. There that is.

Whoa, who is this!? TyphlosionTrainer!? I knew one 'o them back in the day!

Yes, I'm back. It's been a long while!! I've been without internet this whole time. Also, my family was in the process of selling some land my mom owned in our hometown and moving at the same time. The land is sold and we're all moved. I live in an RV park now, and the space in our trailer is kinda small, but the park has free wifi, so that's a definite bonus. My sister's daughter is a year old now. She's gotten so big, so quickly.
Kids are so interesting, while simultaneously being so frustrating. Oh, we got another dog! His name is Scooter. I've been away so long, he's already full grown! We got him while the internet was off. I can't really remember what else happened while I was gone.
Uhhh... I started counseling, and then I stopped counseling. That's a thing that happened. I didn't stop by choice. Some stupid changes in the insurance made it so I couldn't go for free anymore. So, because we couldn't pay for it, I had to stop. We're currently looking for new places I can continue my counseling at. Uh, lessee... I'm 21. I finally turned 21. And, lemme tell ya, nothing has changed. I don't know why people hype turning 21 up so much. It's a day like any other. Unless you're some kind of party fiend, then I guess it's a reason to party. But, I'm not one of those, so I ate a chicken sandwich. Anyway, that's about it. If I remember anything else, I'll put it in an edit.

Art Slump

I haven't posted any art in a while. That's mostly because I haven't drawn in a while. I mean, I've drawn some stuff, but it's not really that great. I might post them. I dunno, do you think I should? It's just some random stuff I did when I couldn't sleep.

Making Myself Better

Today, I went to my first counseling appointment. I spent all last night being so nervous and anxious, I couldn't sleep. Finally, I passed out around 2 AM, probably from the stress. When I woke up this morning, however, I felt strangely calm. I took a shower, got dressed, and the whole time, I felt... almost tranquil? The whole car ride consisted of my Mom carrying the conversation, while I attempted to harden my resolve. In my head, I kept saying to myself, "This is the point of no return. You can't go back now. There is only forward." and, this thought would usually make me hysteric - but, this time, it was what kept my insides from coming unglued. Once we got there, I filled out some left over paperwork, and then we were taken in back, where the offices are. My counselor seems nice, like a young elementary school teacher. I think I'll have an easier time talking to her. The lady at MHMR made me anxious, so I was worried this lady would too. This is the first step. The first step is always the hardest, but it has to be taken. I just hope I'm prepared.

Life Update? I guess??

It's been a while... like, a really, really long while... I suppose a lot has happened. My second nephew was born, we're going to move, uuuh, I got a laptop... uhh... I can't really remember all of it... I turned 20 since last update... uhh... well, I guess what's happened since then doesn't matter: on to the current events! I went to the MHMR recently, which is like a mental health clinic of sorts. I thought I was going for a financial appointment, but it turned out to be a psyche evaluation?? So, I'll be going to counseling for my social anxiety. Dunno when, but my mom has been calling around. I dunno if I want to go, but I've been trying to harden my resolve to be better lately. I could write a big long thing, but I don't really want to. It's really early right now and I'm still kinda sleepy. Anyway, there's that.