I thought miss. bina went back to work but i was wrong. I blew a horn gathering all residents of hell." MISS.BINE IS MISSING!" i yelled. every one paniced.danmit >.< ." WHERE ARE THE HELL ARE THE SOUL REAPERS?!?!?!" i called out. all three of the jumped and appered in front of me. " YO EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP" mario sceamed. everyone stoped paincing. show off! okay next groups. " Rem, itach, and hidan ur group 7" . the mounded.mouners. "Kisame, sasori, and deidara group 1" they grouned quickly. " mario, JaT, and andy ur ALFA group.i prayed to the moon and sun goddess."hear my plea help me find bina". "OKAY....cheek,Katz,cez and me are team 10/ or gold....Dismissed!".Wait what hapens if bina isn't in hell? this is going to be one hell of a wild goose chase.