UM.....THE HELL....ITS SASORI!?!?!?!?!

i never thought that i would see him, i was reading my daily manga, Naruto mostly, but today I was watching when Sasori died(hahaha i have a sasori shrine) but i had to get back to work... turning back to my work the bell rang. i turned my head, and there he was Sasori him self. I WAS IN ONFG MODE. " um please?" i asked evern i knew what it was. "Sasori" he replied. " okay sigh this paper and..." i looked for a coin. he sighed the paper." ha here it is" i said blushing badly. i gave him two coins."give this one to Miss.Bina and the silver coin to the boat ridder. don't go near my pet cereal please he doesn't like the living dead." i said. i knew that the gold coin i gave to him would lead him to my room, and Bina will leave it that way, i thought she would say some thing like "CAUSE BINA SAID SO!". i was hoping that. As Sasori left, i whisperd "i'm loving Hell".