The first day

As i walked around the room, it was laced around wonderfuly. There was a bunch of cute boys around . "Wow" i mumbeled under my breath. I took one more step, then smoke came out of the blue...scratch that red, came a girl about my age, coughing as the smoke swrilled around her. "Hello, I'm bina the ruler of HELL!" she had flash cards in her hand."blah blah blah, lets get started" she said, looking at her flash cards and she just throw them in the air. " so whats your name?" she asked me. "PB" i responded....To be honest i didn't want to respond to her at all. "Ha PB wheres Jelly?" she teased me.Like i haven't heard that before. "Haha so ture." i think i'm good at acting. i told my self.
"I like u PB." she said patting my back. "thank u Ms.bina" i didn't know what to say. " can u do paper work??" she said turning her head dramticly. " yes i can Ms.Bina" yet i can't say that word. "I really like u PB" she said smiling. " and in bouns for helping me with paperwork you get to chose ur room" she said. "I think i'm going to like it here" i said under my breath. " They all do PB, they all do"