so its been a while since anything happened... we need help.... Help

i gave Miss. bina her coffe and left wow same as always

WE FOUND HER! and Peices Break away from PB's past

since i, PB have found her, miss, bina Gold team gets 10 POINTS! So we found her with this boy, but i don't trust him.... He just makes me feel like i'm in hell, from the my old teacher he WAS A BITCH! then he died of a heart atack! happist day of my life....soon some drunk driver ran me over and killed me....that hurted! But some how he reminds me of him....but any way we took miss bina to the clinc, she just needs rest....

Lost in the hallway of Hell

We sauntered down another hallway. 'Um...excuse me,sir....are we lost?' I questioned about his directions. 'Heh,I hate to say it,sweetie,but we're dead lost.' he blushed 'Are we going to get out of here,soon?' I replied,worried. 'Heh,that is an excellent question...' he began 'I thought I knew these hallways like the back of my hand,but it seems I was wrong,please forgive me.' he begged 'Well of course...' I started 'It's not your fault,anyway.' I told him as our pace began to increase. 'But can we hurry up,just a little?' I asked 'Why of course,my apologizes.' he said with a smile. As we started to run through the hallways,I butted heads with someone,and before I knew it,I was on the ground with a huge bump on my forehead. 'Oh my Hell!!!' the lady I ran into shouted. 'Oh,Im terrible sorry,I didnt see you coming.' I smiled,touching my forehead gingerly. 'M-miss Bina?!' she asked with wide dinner-plate-sized eyes. 'Who?' I replied. 'Oh No!!' she screamed. 'What?!' the guy,who escorted me,yelled. 'She doesn't know who she is!! Oh dear,this is all my fault!! What should I do?!' she yelled. 'I know!! We'll take you to a infirmary!!!' and before I got a say in this,she rushed me down through,what I hope,the right hallway with the guy following behind.


Okay so its been 3 sigh of bina....strange i have caught a cold...or maybe the flu oh well


I thought miss. bina went back to work but i was wrong. I blew a horn gathering all residents of hell." MISS.BINE IS MISSING!" i yelled. every one paniced.danmit >.< ." WHERE ARE THE HELL ARE THE SOUL REAPERS?!?!?!" i called out. all three of the jumped and appered in front of me. " YO EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP" mario sceamed. everyone stoped paincing. show off! okay next groups. " Rem, itach, and hidan ur group 7" . the mounded.mouners. "Kisame, sasori, and deidara group 1" they grouned quickly. " mario, JaT, and andy ur ALFA group.i prayed to the moon and sun goddess."hear my plea help me find bina". "OKAY....cheek,Katz,cez and me are team 10/ or gold....Dismissed!".Wait what hapens if bina isn't in hell? this is going to be one hell of a wild goose chase.