I hope what my mom has isn't the flu (no, not THAT flu).

Got to see a screening of Terminator Salvation tonight. People that stand in line and let forty of their friends line-skip in front of you SUCK. Just sayin'.

Solid movie. About on par with Wolverine, not up to snuff with Star Trek, though. Some pretty amazing CG, and I'm sure I would have benefited from watching the first three in their entirety (I've only ever seen all of the second one, and caught parts of the others multiple times when I've seen them on tv). There was plenty of cheering going on at key "fan moments" so that's a good sign. I totally called most of the foreshadowing, but the way things were revealed was enjoyable. It's worth paying some money to see (even though I didn't have to). XD

Sorry if I don't sound very enthusiastic. It has nothing to do with the content of the movie. I'm simply exhausted. I think my days of sitting in line for a movie for 3+ hours have come to an end. My body won't take it anymore. Stupid back. I feel old. [/whine]

On a lighter note, (in some respects) I'm making great progress in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I've caught up to about the place I was forced by circumstance to stop reading two years ago, so it'll all be new to me from here on out. 300 pages down, 4000+ to go. ^^

No pic this time. I'm lazy. =D