Some people have all the luck...THANK GOD.

My brother barely escaped a rather unfortunate outcome regarding something yesterday at the library where he works. WATCH THIS. It's short. (The final word is “ticketed” btw. Why youtube cut off the last second is anybody’s guess. >.<)

I have no idea how long it took for that to happen, and I both pray that no one saw it, and also really want a video of what it looked like as it was happening. That library van is too close for comfort. >.<

Now, let's all say a collective "THANK GOD."

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my brother also wrote a review for The Underland Chronicles (the books he was trying to get me to read, remember?) for the Kids Newsletter that his library has. (I finished all 5 awhile back. ^.^) There's an option to write comments, in case you've read them yourself. =P