Nightmares and Daydreams

Yesterday, I woke myself up laughing in my dream as I attempted to fill a 52 oz. bag with Coke at QuikTrip. Last night, I dreamt about being on a bullet train watching Britney Spears(o_O) perform in the front car just to have terrorists attack and destroy everything behind us. Then I ended up being pursued through the city while trying to protect the baby of a friend of mine. This morning, I awoke to a phone call and in a daze, ended up knocking a glass of water off my desk and into my basket of iPods and accessories.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. -_-

Life's been quite eventful. Shika pivoted off a low wall last weekend and landed face-first on the concrete after slipping in some mud. She went to the emergency room the following morning and had some x-rays taken of her left elbow, which took most of the fall (saving her face, thankfully). Nothing broken, just deeply contused. Fun. She's back to work, but not enjoying it.

Later tonight, we'll all head over to join her at Border's just as her shift ends since our friend Dmitri will be playing guitar and singing in the cafe for two hours. He'll do both covers and original pieces, even some Spanish songs (since he's spent years in the Dominican Republic) and we might even squeeze a Japanese song out of him (which he learned from a roommate of his while in the DR).

One of my account's dogs died a few weeks back, and now only the noisy, slobbery, obnoxious one remains. Why does the favorite always die first?

Random Japan Photo #14

Sushi-go-round = XDDDDDD

Oh, and Shishou is an absolutely wonderful person for spiff-ifying my MAL account. ^.^