Thanks for stopping by! ^-^ I'm Twisted, a 27 year-old baseball-crazed middle-child wannabe musician living outside Kansas City who loves guinea pigs and her 5-person family. XD As a note, the Japan photos I posted are from my 4-week trip there October of '08 with my siblings. Also, I make reference to my musical escapades quite often, seeing as I've played violin for 13 years and piano for 6, so expect occasional bouts of music-induced mania. See ya around! ^______^

'Cause Hunter x Hunter doesn't get enough love.

P.S. ShikamaruRocks is my sister - emphasis on her being female. Thank you for your time. ^.^

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Indy lives!!

A quick rundown of three films I've seen recently: Indy 4 : Awesome. It did what it needed to - poked fun at his age maybe twice and then moved on. It didn't matter how old he was - he's Indiana. And Shia being 'Shia' didn'...

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A musician's unease

I was asked today whether I'd be willing to provide musical entertainment at a yearly swim meet held by a rather exclusive country club in this area. The responsibility to run the event cycles through various clubs in a 10-year rotation. This year...

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Hide & Seek

Why do I find this so endlessly fascinating? We really need to learn how to mimic these creatures. ...

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Pomp & Circumstance

Shika's graduation is only a few hours away. She's off taking a final nap to try and get her coughing to go down, while mom's ironing her gown. We're all going out to ihop afterwards, where I'm sure the realization that it's all over will finally ...

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Boring but critical

This impacts me quite a bit, seeing the amount of travel I do every day. We've all been moaning on the inside. Now it's time to moan on the outside. =( Gas strikes 9th straight record high at $3.787 a gallon...

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