Thanks for stopping by! ^-^ I'm Twisted, a 27 year-old baseball-crazed middle-child wannabe musician living outside Kansas City who loves guinea pigs and her 5-person family. XD As a note, the Japan photos I posted are from my 4-week trip there October of '08 with my siblings. Also, I make reference to my musical escapades quite often, seeing as I've played violin for 13 years and piano for 6, so expect occasional bouts of music-induced mania. See ya around! ^______^

'Cause Hunter x Hunter doesn't get enough love.

P.S. ShikamaruRocks is my sister - emphasis on her being female. Thank you for your time. ^.^

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Vic doesn't suck. Get over it.

So, due to a rather sudden development involving my not being able to walk for the majority of today, Shika, mummy-poo and I devoured the first half of the Ouran dub this morning. I found it delightful. I'd already watched these 13 episod...

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Let it snow?

What's with Kansas and dramatic weather patterns? Yesterday morning it was 55 outside, now this: Nice that I only work 2 days a week and can st...

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What?! An update?!

I humbly apologize for my prolonged absence. m(_ _)m Random Japan Photo #1 Asakusa in Tokyo Yes, we enjoyed ourselves. Enormou...

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Time to get out of town.

Here's a farewell to all things US. I hope I don't have to deal with these in Japan. o.O ...

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Cellos truly sing

Combine a few of my favorite things, music, real men, and emotional, motivating films and this is what you get. I hope it's as amazing as it looks to be. The Soloist...

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