Thanks for stopping by! ^-^ I'm Twisted, a 27 year-old baseball-crazed middle-child wannabe musician living outside Kansas City who loves guinea pigs and her 5-person family. XD As a note, the Japan photos I posted are from my 4-week trip there October of '08 with my siblings. Also, I make reference to my musical escapades quite often, seeing as I've played violin for 13 years and piano for 6, so expect occasional bouts of music-induced mania. See ya around! ^______^

'Cause Hunter x Hunter doesn't get enough love.

P.S. ShikamaruRocks is my sister - emphasis on her being female. Thank you for your time. ^.^

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Non-metal angry music: Take 1

Ever have a day where you want to scream and kill someone, but are too tired to even punch a wall? Yeah, me too. It's times like those I'm thankful not to own a firearm. ^^ Anyway, here's a playlist (without links - sorry ^^') I compiled du...

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Devourer of Carrion

So, a friend of mine has just gone to New York (for an unspecified amount of time) and we've been given her pet bird, Squeaky, to watch over. This does not please me. Let me get something straight - I have nothing against birds in the wild....

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The joys of sibling rivalry

This is a picture I simply can't get enough of. It perfectly portrays the animosity I've harbored toward my brother since a very early age, and his "what is wrong with her?" attitude. I'm 6 months, whereas he'd be 2 1/2. ...

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And I'm off!!

Yes, today is the day I embark on a rather long journey. Today is the day I try to catch up on One Piece. Well... I'm pretty sure it'll take more than a day, but you get the point. Fresh off from finishing Bokurano (which was very good, and...

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Composition: Phase 1

I thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to lately. Now that I'm away from the horrors of Pug-sitting, I can emerse myself in something I actually enjoy. My elder brother is nearing the end of his epic Naruto fanfiction, and he's ...

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