Thanks for stopping by! ^-^ I'm Twisted, a 27 year-old baseball-crazed middle-child wannabe musician living outside Kansas City who loves guinea pigs and her 5-person family. XD As a note, the Japan photos I posted are from my 4-week trip there October of '08 with my siblings. Also, I make reference to my musical escapades quite often, seeing as I've played violin for 13 years and piano for 6, so expect occasional bouts of music-induced mania. See ya around! ^______^

'Cause Hunter x Hunter doesn't get enough love.

P.S. ShikamaruRocks is my sister - emphasis on her being female. Thank you for your time. ^.^

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I hope what my mom has isn't the flu (no, not THAT flu).

Got to see a screening of Terminator Salvation tonight. People that stand in line and let forty of their friends line-skip in front of you SUCK. Just sayin'.

Solid movie. About on par with Wolverine, not up to snuff with Star Trek, though. Some pretty amazing CG, and I'm sure I would have benefited from watching the first three in their entirety (I've only ever seen all of the second one, and caught parts of the others multiple times when I've seen them on tv). There was plenty of cheering going on at key "fan moments" so that's a good sign. I totally called most of the foreshadowing, but the way things were revealed was enjoyable. It's worth paying some money to see (even though I didn't have to). XD

Sorry if I don't sound very enthusiastic. It has nothing to do with the content of the movie. I'm simply exhausted. I think my days of sitting in line for a movie for 3+ hours have come to an end. My body won't take it anymore. Stupid back. I feel old. [/whine]

On a lighter note, (in some respects) I'm making great progress in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I've caught up to about the place I was forced by circumstance to stop reading two years ago, so it'll all be new to me from here on out. 300 pages down, 4000+ to go. ^^

No pic this time. I'm lazy. =D

Go watch Star Trek.


Pretty please? ^^

I don't like mangos. >_<

The weather's been absolutely gorgeous. Very un-Kansas like. I hope it lasts. Six weeks from today is our annual 12-day trip to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The cabin is calling me. I can hardly wait. ^-^ Because I can: ...

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Some people have all the luck...THANK GOD.

My brother barely escaped a rather unfortunate outcome regarding something yesterday at the library where he works. WATCH THIS. It's short. (The final word is “ticketed” btw. Why youtube cut off the last second is anybody’s guess...

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Nightmares and Daydreams

Yesterday, I woke myself up laughing in my dream as I attempted to fill a 52 oz. bag with Coke at QuikTrip. Last night, I dreamt about being on a bullet train watching Britney Spears(o_O) perform in the front car just to have terrorists a...

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