Hello There! :3

Renee, here! Summer is sick she has strep throat, so I'll be here untill Sunday because she is supose to be all better. I hope so because we are supose to go to a dance off Sunday. Sorry I am cutting this short but I have to go! See you all this afternoon!

About us

Renee: Hello, my name is Renee Roberts, I am the older twin 2 minutes older than Summer, i am more devilious }:) and mischievous . If you are wondering my age I a....

Summer: *cuts you off* WE ARE 18 RENEE!!!

Renee: Sorry, Summer. . . . . We are 18, we both have different personalities, and diff stuff lol but we do look-a-like in some ways. *yawns* Opps silly me i will let Summer talk now.

Summer: Finally Renee!!!! Hello, my name is Summer Roberts, I am the youngest twin 2 minutes younger than Renee, i am more kind and friendly.

Renee: *yawns* Can we go now I am sleepy????

Summer: Fine we can go

Renee & Summer: Well, see you next time here at Twins Headquaters!