My dog died :'(

Riddler, my 9 yr old. Jack Russel Terrier died this morning.
He was fine when i left for work.
Then i got a call from my mom at about 11, saying that he died in her arms.

My biggest regret?
I wasn't there to say goodbye in the end.


Its hard to loose something you love so much. Even if some say "its just a dog". But when you raise'em from a 7 week old puppy, and put so much work into training, shows; and just having that overall companionship and unconditional love, how are you suppose to let go of that?

Though i have many dogs, this part will never get any easier. And i will have to feel this pain many times over when they pass.


Registered name: Little Eden's Joker
Actual name: Riddler
Nickname: Fluffy

R.I.P Little one. I already miss you.



My computers twiching!!!!!!! *crys*

I just got it fixed, and it was doin ok, and now the freakin (wanting to use other words) screen is accually twichin. I didn't even know it could do that!!!!!!!!!!!

I wana new computer!! X(

Ok, Im back! lol


Ok, im back!

Lots goin on im my life. Work, got a few new pets, got a few drawing to post....ect.

Sorry iv been gone forever. It took me a few minutes just to remember how to post somethin!! lol. (ya know you've been gone long when ya cant remember that. lol)

So, everyones gotta fill me in on whats been goin on the past several months!! Whats new with ya'll?!

It's my B-Day!!!!


It's midnight meaning, I'm finally 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*starts dancing.............still dancing..........yep,....still dancing......cats are giving me strange looks, ....dogs are barkin at me....dam, even the snakes are staring!!!!*

Ok, now that i got that out of my system. lol. ^^

O man, now im starting to feel old.....

Dragons! lol

Found this cool site through a friend on YouTube.

You get your own dragon eggs and watch'em grow!
Ta get the dragons to grow and survive, ya gotta get people to visit and view your dragons/eggs. There are many differnt dragons on the site. Its cool to see what your baby's will turn out like. lol

Well please go and view my little ones so that they will live!
And if you already have an account on the site, or end up getting one, id be more than happy to view your dragons! ^^