New Amv


I don't know if anyone really looks at this world at all. lol.

I haven't logged in in a while, so i thought id just start out with one of the reasons i haven't been here. And this is it! Iv been obsessed with makin amv's lately. this is one of my most recent ones.

I feel iv come a long way sence i first started. i have one of my first vids "ligers stand" posted already, so its a good comparacin to this one.

"Ligers Stand" Amv!

Hello to those who visit this world!! lol. Which i don't really think is many cause there aren't that many comments or views. lol

O well. ^^ Well iv been working on some zoids amv's lately, so here is my newest one! I have a couple others, but this is, in my opinion, my best so far.
I made this for a contest on YouTube that lzeroxx22 is hosting.

If you'd like to see any of my other vid's here's the link to my homepage

Enjoy! And id love some comments!

My Zoids AMV!!! ^^

Omg, i finally managed to make an amv! Its my first ever, so its not the greatest, but i still like how it came out. lol.

Mostly i was trying to figure out everything on Windows Media player.

Well i hope you all like it! ^^ Please comment!


OK! Well, i guess it HAS to be a vid from YOUTUBE.....that stinks. Well i guess ill just give ya'll the link to Zoids Zero episode 1 sence i cant post it directly.

Anyway, here it is!

Enjoy! And if your a first time viewer of the show, tell me what ya think!! lol

Zoids Zero Episode 1!!

OK! This is episode one for Zoids Zero! Hope ya like it!
O! And a big thanks goes out to FoxFaith for sending me the link for this!!!!