U know what's really sad? Is that I just saw Twilight today...and...IT ROCKS!!!

New Moon comes out

To all you fan girls out there here is the date for New Moon.....

Couples are out of hand

The couples in Twilight are taking a bad turn!! As u all know.....Robert "may" be seeing Nikki Reed and Nikki plays Rosalie and Robert plays Edward...If those 2 are dating do u know how bad that could be for there Twilight and normal look!? Not good!


I'n the book I forget....what does Jacob do to Bella and Edward's baby!/ Can someone teel me!! PLEASE....it's driving me insane!!


My B-Day is in a few days and I'm making it on TWILIGHT!! I rock!!


I mad this new world 'cause I like Edward!! But.....I don't know what the heck to write in it!!