Close all windows!

I am telling the world to close all windows if spinning around in circles-
The other day I was on the chatrooms, it was just me and squee-neji. Squee decided to run around in circles and stupidly I decided to run around in circles too. I span around too fast and fell out a window. Hurdling towards the ground I started to glow. The shining light brought me back up to the window where I fell back onto the floor where me and squee were once spinning. From my traumatic experience I decided to my pick my nose. But as i did so, my nose fell off and i was left with a turtle face with no nose.
Thankfully squee had some super nose glue, and i stuck my nose back on. Looking back at the pot of super nose glue i noticed how old it was meaning it wouldn't stick. Before I knew it my nose had slid down towards my mouth and the shock made me swallow it... I know a tramatic story and the moral to the story is close all windows if you happen to be running around in circles...