[Revision] Secret Santa Wishlist 2011

Hello Secret Santa,

Since I am participating in 3 Secret Santa Projects (icons, ecard, and wallpaper) hosted by 3 different theO members, which is out of my expectation, [I thought I was in only one, now Im in three] I would love to make a revision for my wishlist *evil face lol*. Each section is different from one another. Santa please follow up have a look ^^ <3 :D.

I would like to make a wishlist for my Secret Santa.

1) For icons (hosted by Ritona Raito):

I think it would be good if Santa make them with a Christmas theme spirit/atmosphere.
Color: I prefer either with red, green, white since it is Christmas
I wish it is gonna be either within favorite pairings section or within my favorite Korean boy bands section.

2) For eCard (hosted by chibi-anna-chan):

I dont want to make it so hard; uhm... I would like to receive a Christmas gift card with characters in a card within my favorite pairings section - that means, must be 2 characters in the card, but those characters must be within my favorite pairings category, and please, no crossing :P.

It's pretty simple, right? since I have so many pairs I really like which will be easy for you to choose ^_^... yay, thanks and have fun.
Im waiting for it and Im so curious about it, just wonder who will make me that Christmas card :P...

3) For wallpaper (hosted by MikuBerry):

Christmas theme spirit/atmosphere if you could, it would be great (but it's ok if it is not ^^).
Color: either with blue, red, white or green.
Here are my favorite characters (Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), and Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)). I would like to receive a gift with my favorite character(s). Either with Gray himself or Juvia herself or both of them on the wallpaper is awesomesauce :D.

Thanks Santa ^_^