Favorite anime/manga genres: shounen, shoujo, bishounen, shounen ai, yaoi, comedy, romance and sad but meaningful manga (tragedy).
example of meaningful anime/manga: like the main character disappears at the end of the anime or manga but leaves something valuable to other people to remember, he or she may die... -_- (im not saying about Death Note but it maybe one here, and Grave of the Fireflies is this kind of manga/anime Im talking about <3)

Favorite anime/manga: Fairy Tail, Tsubasa Chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, No.6, Bleach, Lovely Complex, Kobato, Chobits, X, Kuroshitsuji, Saiyuki, Ouran High School Host Club, Hikaru no GO, Code Geass, Touch, Doraemon, Gundam SEED.

Favorite Characters: Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Favorite Pairings: GrayxJuvia (Fairy Tail), NezumixShion (No.6), SyaoranxSakura (CCS, TRC), KuroganexFai (TRC), TouyaxYukito (CCS,TRC), IchigoxRukia (Bleach), HidekixChii (Chobits), SebastianxCiel (Kuroshitsuji), KamuixSubaru (TRC), KamuixFuuma (X), NarutoxSasuke (Naruto), HikaruxKaoru (OHHC), AkiraxHikaru (HnG), TamakixHaruhi (OHHC), OtanixRisa (Lovely Complex), LelouchxCC (Code Geass), SesshoumaruxRin (Inuyasha), TatsuyaxMinami (Touch), KisukexYoruichi (Bleach), GinxRangiku (Bleach), AthrunxCagalli (Gundam SEED), KanamexYuuki (Vampire Knight), ZeroxIchiru (Vampire Knight)...
=> Pairings here do not mean they have to do somethings 18++; pairings in my eyes here mean they look perfect and lovely when they are together (like supporting each other, having good times or memories, helping each other when facing problems...). ^_^

Favorite Mangakas: CLAMP.


Favorite Korean Boy Bands:

SS501 (I love kiss kiss from Hyun Joong , not alone by Jung Min, A song calling for you, because I'm stupid by ss501 and many more...)

Taeyang of Big Bang - wedding dress, only look at me, I Need a Girl/Boy by him, woot (or simply just the band itself)

Gi Kwang from B2ST, I knew this band from josephine12cute- they are really awesome with their style, and cute as well, I like Fiction and Fact, Breath, Beautiful and what I like the best is the way they dance and the expressions while perform. They dance well too, you gotta look at these two videos: 1, 2: - They are all cute. My favorite is Gi Kwang in this band <3.

DBSK - They are separated now, but I want them to get back together again so I can listen to the music of the whole group like before, separation of members (JYJ and Yunho and Changmin makes me feel bad); my favorite is Xiah in this band ^_^