Words on Paper is the world where I will put all my writings. Grant it they will mostly be Doctor Who, but occasionally I will do other writings. Maybe.

Most of my Doctor Who writings will be about the 16th regeneration of the Doctor. I personally read a lot of comics and watch a lot of Tv so I will do a lot of crossovers. Actually they are pretty much directly related to the mainstream Universe of Marvel Comics. So yes that could possibly mean that the Doctor will team up with Spiderman and fight of an invasion of symbiotic zombies.

NEW!!! I have added a new Title on this world. I feel that I'm not writing enough. I will still put what I write in this world, but I will also use it to write about other things. Like Comics. I want to do some comic work on this page. Involving both putting some of my works on and talking about comics that I've read and informing TheO community about whats going on in the Comic universe. I have a warning to go with this though. I am very biased and will probably write only about Marvel or Independent works. Not a big Fan of all things DC.

X-Men: First Class

Just got home from seeing X-men first class. Great movie. Usually I would right up a review for this, but I think it would be much easier and more fun for me if I try out this video reviewing all the kids are talking about these days. So I'll work on that tomorrow and hopefully post by Tuesday. Goodnight from the cave...

Avengers, Assemble!

This will be the first of four reviews that I will do on Marvel Comics licensed animated series. I will be observing the hopeful new Marvel Anime and they're titles; Iron Man, Wolverine and X-men, also the ameri...

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Summer Movies have Begun

Ah a great time to be a movie geek. You know what? Its a great time to be a geek in general especially comic books. This summer has the most made from comic books movies ever! Featuring Thor, X-men; First Class, Green Lantern, & Captain A...

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Venom Changes Again.

When Venom is mentioned, in relation to Spiderman, most people think of it as Eddie Brock, rival of Peter Parker. But you would be greatly mistaken if you said today that Eddie was Venom. To catch people up to speed with limited spoilers; Venom (Eddie Brock) went into hiding after witnessing the loss of a love one. After not using the suit when he went under the radar, the symbiote ate at his blood cells, giving Eddie cancer. Eddie, now fed up with the suit, sold it on the black market to the highest bidder. That bidder being a certain Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. Osborn gave the suit to Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, making him the new Venom. Tis happened in 2005. So for the past 6 years Venom has been the Scorpion. After the latest cross-over in the Marvel universe, the Venom Symbiote was ripped off Gragan by Spiderman and Ms. Marvel and tossed aside. The government, shortly after, nabbed the symbiote and took it under their care.

Flash Thompson, long time friend to Peter Parker and crippled war vet, is now the new Venom. The military thought it would be a good idea to use the Venom suit as a weapon. They found the suit could be controlled if only used in small doses. So being a reliable vet and someone they can test the full potential of the regeneration. they chose Flash Thompson. But this means Venom is working for the government. And can Venom really be controlled? Osborn had Mac Gargan on dozens of meds and he even lost control on numerous occasions.

The new venom series starts in March so I'll just have to wait and see until then. On the look aspect, the non Venomed-out suit looks very good. And full Venom looks like, well, Venom. Which I love no matter who its on.

Brain Hurricane!!!

Get it? Its not a storm... Ah screw it...

So I was thinking of ideas for some writings. I said I was doing comic books from Marvel but then I was watching Batman Under The Red Hood again tonight and I thought "What if the greatest detective in comics teamed up with the greatest detective in time and space? So tell me what you think whether I should do it... Please.. i know people read... Maybe only a little, but still please...