Now Taking Requests

I'm happy to announce that I have returned, and I am now taking on drawing requests.

I only ask a few things of people:

  • Be considerate of time, as it will take me a while now that I'm working quite often.
  • Please don't ask me to draw something impossible; my portfolio shows what I'm capable of, so if it's something a little more elaborate, please give me a reference photo.
  • Remember that I am new to using photoshop to color in my art, so don't have too high of an expectation of me; I will be using photoshop to color all requests, unless you ask me not to color it in.
  • Be kind. I'm not the world's greatest artist. If you don't like the drawing, you can request that I re-do it, or remove it, but please do not say anything hurtful to me. As many have learned, I'm not the most confident person, and I'm easily triggered.

I'd like to also mention that I'm now to a certain point in my life where I could give a fuck less who I end up with. Currently, I'm in an open relationship with a girl in Cali, but it isn't anything serious (obviously).

Yuki once again claims to want me back, and though my heart still aches for him, I'm not so sure how to react to it other than shrugging and telling him, "Whatever happens happens."

Ryuu, although he decided to remain as friends only, has been flirting with me quite often, and messages me every day for hours on end. So who knows what'll happen there.

I am also active in a Labyrinth RP, which has been keeping me quite happy. A TMWFTE RP would be lovely, too, but I seem to have a harder time finding a Thomas Jerome Newton than I ever have. I still can't even find a Kenshin RPer, either.

So if anyone wants to volunteer, all I ask is that you are familiar with whichever character, and that you remain as active as possible. It is preferable that we communicate through Skype for a while in order to maintain the RP, and if I end up feeling comfortable enough, I'll give my number to you so that you can just text me in case I'm not around Wi-Fi.

Anyway, I must be going now, as I work in the morning, and I need to sleep so that I'm not a zombie at work again like I've been for the past two days.