A Request to my Fellow Otakus...

Guys, I really rarely do this...but I really want to see this happen.

As I'm sure some of you have already seen in my portfolio, I added new art, some of which include my FMA OC with Envy.

I've given descriptions, as well, for my OC.

Well, guys. I want to see some of YOU draw her, either alone or with Envy (preferrably with Envy).

You can do it in black and white, or you can color it. I don't care what you use to color it, either, as long as you use the colors that are mentioned for her and the normal colors for Envy himself.

If you guys would please do this for me, it would be so very appreciated. I want to see YOUR versions of her. ^-^

Fellow artists of TheO...Let's see those works of art!!