Muse is Back...

That's right.

I finally watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I was so taken by it that I made a new OC. And I specifically made a side blog on my Tumblr JUST for interactions, but I have no one to interact with.

And I really want to find some OC & multi-ship friendly Kylo Ren RPers...but I can't. I mean, I find some that fit what I want, but I get too scared to approach them first...


So if ANYONE out there knows one, or IS one and wants to start an RP, PLEASE let me know. This is the link to her page:

*hint* Highlight the censored area for it.

Seriously, guys, I NEED to start writing with people's my best outlet, and with as much stuff as I've been dealing with lately...I absolutely have to start writing soon.

Seeking Trevor Philips RPer

Alright, so here's the deal...

I got really interested in GTA V, and ended up making an OC for it. I have all her details, and I've even done a few drawings of her, but I want to start an RP, and can't because I have no RPers. I NEED a Trevor. I can manage without someone to play out Michael, Franklin, Ron, Wade and Lester, because I know the characters enough that I could easily pitch in for them...but I NEED a Trevor.

Here is the info on my OC...::

Name: Allina Quinones
Age: 39(nearly 40, but she’s very technical).
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 136 lbs.
Body type: Slender (aside from her bust and buttocks)
Eye color: Left- Crystal blue—Right- Lime green
Skin color: Light tan
Hair color and length: Black top layers (sideswept bangs, layered so that she may rat it if she wishes), white bottom layers. Her hair falls to the middle of her back on the longest bottom layer.

Allina hails from a Puerto Rican family, but was born in NJ. She lived there until she was thirteen, when she and her family moved to Los Santos. On her twentieth birthday, her parents were killed in a crash, and she took over the household. An ex-registered nurse and currently working as a waitress within a bar, Allina plays off a friendly personality when need be. Being a Scorpio, however, she has a fiery temper. She has committed several murders(with which she is still managing to get away with), and is skilled as a swordswoman, archer, and gunner. Her driving skills are equally exceptional.

While her past is rarely mentioned, it is clear that she was once(and possibly still) a self-harmer, catering to cutting herself(this is revealed by scars, visible only when she wears her more favored Gothic Lolita/Victorian clothing [corsets, short and long skirts, heels in the form of boots or open toed lace-ups]). She has several different tattoes, including a tribal Scorpion on her left upper arm, an angel wing with a demon in it on her left shoulder blade, a demon wing with an angel in it on her right shoulder blade, a rose with a heart shaped locket chained around it on her upper right thigh, and a tribal heart (broken) on her chest.

Allina has one sibling, Katherine, who is only five years younger than her. Katherine is married to a man named Daniel, and the two are exceedingly friendly and loving towards Allina, even when she’s been committing crimes. Katherine later forces Allina to hold her newborn neice, which makes Allina go into a panic after leaving her sister’s home.

Allina’s hobbies include dancing, singing, drawing, writing, watching porn(intently as she takes notes), drinking, and killing anyone who wrongs her, her family, or her friends, and/or gets in her way.

She becomes acquainted with Trevor after she kills someone who had been attempting to blackmail both herself and him, and he witnesses it by coincidence. After time, she begins to harbor secret feelings for Trevor, and these feelings confuse her, as she has bad history with men.


If ANYONE is interested and willing to help, PM me. I'd really appreciate it, cause I've been wanting to start this for a month now, and it's starting to bother me that I STILL haven't been able to start it.

If you're one of my subscribers, please read this.

I am in need of an RPer to play Kenshin.
I recently re-created my RuroKen OC, and I really want to use her...for a description in full, go to:

If you're interested, PM me. And I AM willing to do more than one RP at once.

My quiz results for Soul Eater...

So, I have several of these. But I was taking Soul Eater quizzes throughout the night, and I kept ending up with Death the Kid, which obviously made me happy, or I wouldn't have taken the time to save and share them.

“Wohaaaaa~! It's Perfect SYMMETRY!” It wasn't hard to guess by that call who got the second 8-ball. You saw Kid staring at the ball with his eyes glimmering and shinning at the perfectly symmetrical pool-piece. “That's going to be interesting...” You heard Liz next to you. You knew she was right – ofcourse only Kid can be the nearly-perfectly-symmetrical being, but you were far from that. You were something a person could call “Inversive Symmetry”, if something on one side of you was black, it would appear in the exact same shape on the other side, only white. But, would Kid really consider that as “Symmetry”? “You're not going with that ball to the closet, you know...” You laughed after a couple of minutes when he didn't move his eyes from that 8-ball. “So, who is going with m-” He stopped when he finally looked at you. “How can a human being be so unsymmetrical?!” He shouted, partially shocked, but Patty kicked him into the closet for you, or no one will see the end of this. You laughed at what she just did and went in. “Thanks, Patty” You smiled at her before you got in the closet, and she closed the door behind you. And than you've realized you haven't heard the end of Kid. “Whaa~! Nothing here is symmetrical! The boxes arrangements! The clothes here! The way everything is organized!!! I'TS ALL MESSED UP!!” He kept yelling stuff about this whole place being unsymmetrical, and what-not... You just sat on the floor and waited for him to calm down, but after one minute you realized it's not gonna happened. “You're really obsessed with symmetry for some one so unsymmetrical...” You chuckled quietly and easily caught his attention. “No! My symmetry is PERFECT! Just like the number 8!” He started to freak-out, and you just laughed at this whole situation. “It can't be perfect. What about those three lines on your hair?”. Silence. Kid shuts up, but it didn't last to long, since he soon crashed and actually collapsed in tears. “Ah, what an abomination! I'm a filthy swine! I deserve to DIE!”. Oops...seems you've forgot that the hair thing is a very sensitive matter. So, Liz and Patty weren't here to cheer him up, and you've realized that if you won't do anything, he'll keep that up for hours. You sighed and moved closer to him, and started to pat him lightly on his back. “Aww, don't be like that. So there are three white lines only on one side of your head...Who cares?” You tried your best to cheer him up. “Everyone! Who'll want to be close to a filthy imperfect being like me?!” He shouted, now sounding like a little boy who lost his favorite toy. “Come on, now...” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, and pulled him up to sit close to you without letting go of him. “I don't care if you're 'perfectly symmetrical' or not...” You said as you leaned your head against his shoulder. “Y-you...You don't?” He asked surprised, and you could see his eyes glimmering again. “Sure. I really like you, why should I care if you're symmetrical or not?” You smiled and gave him a little peck on his cheek, and you could feel his face getting warmer. He was blushing. But, before you could react to the fact that he began to blush, he turned around to face you and planted a warm kiss on your lips. You weren't that surprised at that reaction for some reason so you just followed, now wrapping your arms around his neck and deepening the kiss a little. Looks like Kid isn't all that annoying once he drops that crazy obsession. “You know, _______-Chan...” Kid parts for a much needed breath (for the both of you). “I think maybe you're not as unsymmetrical as you seem in first sight...” He laughs quietly, and you joined him. “Took you long enough to figure it out...” You laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss. Your seven minutes have ended and you were in the middle of the kiss when Liz and Patty opened the door...Or maybe it was someone else? Both of didn't pay any attention to this. Not even after someone forced you out of the closet and you walked out in each other's arms, remaining like that during the rest of the evening.

You are orderly. You allign your stuff so you dont get anything messy. You are a diligent student. You work hard like to define the word "symmetry." your Age is 16. Bestfriends: Maka&Ox. :)) Boyfriend: Kid. (:)))
Whut deytink:
Maka: She's really smart. I like to hang with her alot.
Soul: Shes too perfect?
Black Star: No comment.
Tsubaki: *sigh*
Stien: Very smart.
Deatch Sythe: Maka-cahn has a lot of bestfriends. I like her~~
Kid: Shes the most magnificent being in the world.~ She is perfect. She understands me~
Patti: *giggle*
Liz: Another kid...
Shinigami: Very very smart. I'm so happy kid-kun has someone he likes now~~~
Medusa: Too smart. She foiled my plans...
Crona: Shes too organized....
Arachne: No comment.
Elika: *geko?*
Mizune: *cheep*
Mosquito: ...

You take out a cookie shaped like the number 8.
"Well, this is obvious." I say, glancing at Kid. "Oi! Kid-kun, get in the closet." He walks in and screams, you follow him. I close the door.
"Why'd you scream?" You ask.
"This closet is completely asymmetrical! The colours, the box arrangement!" He suddenly falls over. "And there's a coat on the floor! I'm a failure!" You go over to him and help him up.
"You're not" You kiss him on the lips. He becomes quiet for a minute, then kisses you back, pressing you against the wall. You kiss for about 3 minutes, getting more passionate by the second, then you jump on him, and he stumbles back and falls on the floor, you resume the kissing. Then I open the door, surprised to see you in that position. You pick yourselves up and walk out, sitting down on the couch, cuddling together for the rest of the night~

Congratulations! You’re boyfriend is Death the Kid! You met at the academy after Kid had gotten into a fight with Black Star. You’d been with him the whole time and you two have stuck together since. Sure you have your disagreements but you’re always there to push him on. When he has his OCD attacks about symmetry your there to help him, and when he feels depressed you’re always there to brighten his spirits. He loves you for always being there for him through thick and thin. You’re a perfect pair. What they think about you: Kid: I love how she’s always there for me, it doesn’t matter if she’s not perfectly symmetrical all the time.. She’s perfect as she is. *blushes* I’m glad she understands symmetry though, she sees the exquisite beauty in it to, but she says it doesn’t matter about the stripes in my hair. She can always make up for that tiny flaw. *smiles* I’m so glad I met her, she completes me. Liz: Kid doesn’t have his OCD attacks as much since she showed up *smiles* She seems to make him happy and she’s cool so I like her. Patty: *giggles* She’s so nice! She makes Kid all smiley when he used to be crying! Soul: She’s pretty cool. I don’t know her very well since she hangs around Kid a lot but still. Maka: I guess she’s okay. Her and Kid have a habit of pulling OCD attacks together though… that gets loud and messy very fast… Bliar: *pout* I guess I can’t have any fun with Kid-kun now that she’s around. Black Star: She’s no way near as amazing as me! But of course she’s pretty cool when you hang around her a bit. *laughs* Tsubaki: From what I see of her she seems to be a respectable person *light smile* Crona: She’s really nice to me… a-and very loyal to my friends… *smiles* I really like h-her… Ragnarok: AH! She cooks like a dream! Mmmmmmm… *swoon swoon fan boy swoon* Stein: She’s a good student. Very loyal and understanding in nature. She accompanies Kid on a lot of his missions but other than that I don’t know much else. Mari: She’s a sweet girl ^^ though she has small freak outs every so often… Sid: Don’t know much about her. Yumi: The one following around Kid? Hmm.. I suppose she’s an adequate student. Spirit: Oh her? I don’t know her too well other than the fact she knows my Maka… I’ve heard she’s an alright person though. Shinigami (Death): Yes, yes, her. She’s a wonderful student. Dedicated to her work and to her friends. And my son to say the least. She’s good in my books! *flashes peace sign* Medusa: She’s been a thorn in my side. Arachne: Who? Just another child. Hardly worth my time. Eruka Frog: Eugh I don’t like her one bit *shakes head* No no no! Free: Tsk. Don’t know her. She’s just another student. Giriko: She’ll fall quickly. Mifune: I don’t believe I’ve ever met her… Angela: Who?

You Got Death The Kid! As you pulled out a picture of the number 8 you already knew who it was. It was Death The Kid. You had a crush on him since he first came into the academy. You didn't care that his obsession over symmetry got out of control at times, you actually found it kind of cute. Anyways, Black Star shoved you into the closet and as he tried to get Kid, you heard him yell. "DON'T TOUCH ME YOU SYMMETRY ABOMINATION!!!' You couldn't help but laugh. Then, you saw Kid walk in and sit down at the far corner of the room. Black Star closed the door and you smiled at Kid. "Your closet looks symmetrical." Kid nodded. 'Obviously, it is in my house!" You could've swarn he smiled a little. "Kid?" Kid looked at you with a puzzled look. "Yes _________?" You started to stutter. "Kid, I kind of-" Kid cut you off with a kiss. You were too shocked to move or react in any way. Kid pulled away. "I'm sorry..." You shook your head and smiled giggling. "Don't be..." You kissed him again, this time, you were passionate. He kissed back, running his hands down your side while you hugged his neck tightly. He bit your bottom lip and you let out a soft moan. "Kid," You said breaking away from the kiss tryng to get air. "I love you." You gasped and covered your mouth, only meaning to say "I like you." Kid smiles and hugged your waist closer. "I loved you too..." You giggled and kissed his lips sweetly. Kid blushed slightly. "______, Will you be my symmetrical girlfriend?" You nodded. "Always and forever." Kid smiled and kissed you passionately. Just then, Black Star opened the door and laughed. "SPOILED RICK KIDS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!" You blushed still clinging onto Kid. Kid smirked. "Black Star don't flatter yourself you like _____, so we all know your jealous." Black Star blushed and shut up. You giggled and got up walking out of the closet holding Kid's hand. You and him spent the rest of your life together, like you promised.

(YOU GOT DTK (sigh) fine :P)
How you Met: It was your first day at the academy and you couldn't move! You had gotten to the school, gorgeous! It had been at least an hour since you got up the steps only to stop and gasp.
"Look Patty, Liz. What a good day. Look at how symmetrical the school looks today. Isn't my dad marvelous."
"I know what you mean," you say absentmindedly.
You look away for one second to see a boy with golden eyes and black hair with white stripes.
"Hello I'm _____," you say sticking your hand out for him to shake.
"I'm Death the Kid," he says.
Taking your hand and shaking it with a small smile.
"Don't get to close he's insane," says a tall girl with brown hair beside him.
"You like symmetry," you say looking at his hair, "but your hair."
After your first initial jump you kneel down.
"Your hair is awesome and it's asymmetrical. I like symmetry...I just didn't know how you looked so good with asymmetrical hair. It isn't a bad thing."
"You like symmetry," he asks.
A Year later...
Asura had been defeated and you and Kid were happy as ever. You were inseparable. He actually spent more time with you by his side then with Liz and Patty, also your weapon Ryu. You were incredibly good friends, but you couldn't help wanting more. After spending so much time with him you had really started to notice and love a lot about Kid. The way he walked with his hands in his pockets the fact that he had a passion for skateboarding and at the same time was incredibly kind to others always asking them about there conditions after everyone else had long forgotten. You were amazed by him even if he did have a little insanity you were always able to calm him down. Of late you kept noticing how his eyes started to slide in your direction a lot of the time and you were getting very nervous around him. You had no idea what to say to him when you thought about it but when you were with him you were so comfortable! This day you had just won another game of basketball for your team. Ever since you had joined the game you continually had won. After the game Kid stops you from leaving and the others make their way out of the court.
"Let's play one more game," he says.
"Why," you ask.
He seems to ignore your comment.
"If I win...then I get to kiss you."
Your taken back, but your soon smiling ear to ear,
"Okay and if I win we play again," you say.
He looks at you curiously and laughs. You play at least seven games with him with you winning constantly. On the eighth game your so tired he wins with no difficulty. You sigh.
"I was wondering how this would end," you say sarcastically. He smiles and grabs you around the waist pulling you into a kiss.
"I love you," he says pulling away all to soon for your taste.
"I've been hoping you'd say that for a year now...I love you to," you say leaning in to kiss him again.

You seem depressed all the time and don't really smile. You like death and at some piont try to kill yourself. Thats when you met Kid and felt happier than ever.
MAKA: She kinda scares me
Soul: Creepy.......
BLACK STAR: She's kinda creepy but she doesn't talk or take my fame so I'm fine with her.
TSUBAKI: People don't get her. She is really nice.
PATTY: I don't like that meanie!
LIZ: She freak's me out
STIEN: I like her silence and how scary she can be.
MARIE: She is kinda scary but I see her a a sad lonely young women.
AGNAROCK: I like it when she scares Crona!
DEATH: A very acceptable girl for my son.
DEATH THE KID: I love her she is perfectly symmetrical and always keeps things so clean!

You are a weapon that transforms into a tazer! You are at the very top of your class! (even ahead of Maka and Ox!) You have a photographic memory and keep everything you own nice and tidy. Even though you are organized and smart, you have kind of a gothic lolita style.
Age: 14
Boy friend: Death the Kid
Best friends: Kid, Soul, and Stein
People that piss you off: the enemies (of course) and Maka Albarn. Crona does a bit, too.
What the characters think of you:
Soul: At first I thought she was really creepy because of the way she dresses, but then I got to know her and now I think she is pretty cool.
Maka: Eh, she's alright. To be honest, I am a little jealous of her grades and that she never even has to bother studying for a test.
Black Star: She's ok. BUT NOT A BIG STAR LIKE ME!!
Tsubaki: She seems scary on the outside, but is nice on the inside.
Kid: I love her!!! Not only is she the smartest girl in the whole school, but she is 100% SYMMETRICAL!
Liz: She's alright, I guess. Kind of quiet, I don't really talk to her.
Patti: Oooooh, she's nice... OH LOOK OVER THERE! *gets distracted and leaves the room*
Blair: I guess I like her, I hear Soul talk about how cool she is all the time.
Crona: I don't know how to deal with her at all!
Stein: Not only is she a great student, but she is also a good friend of mine. We like to get together to dissect sometimes. We do experiments on Spirit while he sleeps. hehe, and he thinks I stopped that years ago!
Spirit (Death Scythe): I don't really know her, but she gets on my nerves sometimes because she's smarter than my Maka.
Lord Death: What's not to like? She's at the top of her class and she's the best fighter of them all!
Eruka: *ribbit* She's such a good fighter that I could never defeat her! She scares me!
Free: Well, she puts up a good fight, but I don't fear her because I'm immortal.
Medusa: I hate that little brat. She's the only one at that school that has actually come close to defeating me. I SWEAR THAT I WILL KILL HER ONE DAY!!!

you sat in the circle of laughing people. you didn't know them all that well but they were very friendly and kind. you barely added to conversation but it was defiantly interesting. someone suggested we play seven minutes in heaven. you had never played but had herd about it a lot, enough to know how to play. Maka smiled, holding the hat out to you. you pulled the first card you touched. "baby blue?" you said as more of a question. Liz and Patti counted the letters on there hands. they reached eight and looked at each other with a smile. just as soon as i under stood what they were doing and who i got i looked in the direction of the closet and say Death the Kid walking in. I stood up and rushed in the closet closing the door behind me. iv'e been warned about this guy. hes OCD about symmetry. (its so right it rhymes!) you gulped, you barely knew this guy and know you are stuck it the closet with him! you twirled your thumbs not knowing what to do. you leaned against a wall as the two of you stood in darkness and silence. "this closets a mess" he said, you could hear the disgusted face he was making in his words. "would you like me to help you clean it?" "please." you extended your arms in front of your self wondering around the closet. your hands made contact with a silky fabric. Kid gently grasped your hand. his hands were soft and warm, "you don't have to clean if you don't want to" he reminded. "its fine, i want to help." you smiled even though he couldn't see it. he lead my hand to the mess and let go of it. you squinted trying to see his side of the closet, so you could match it. Kid had told you how to line up the shoes. you placed the shoes on one wall and half of the side walls. you paired the shoes up and kid set them in place. every once and a wile his soft warm hands would brush by yours which would make you grin a little bit. after the shoes, he picked up some jackets that had fallen and placed them on hangers. you watched as he studied the jackets. he handed some jackets to you, gently placing them in your opened arms. by now you could see were you was going, so there was no need to feel around the closet. you walked to the other side of the closet, kid pulled some jackets and sweaters, placing them in his arms and taking some of the ones in your arms and placing them on the rack. you stared at his serious face. it made you giggle a bit. Kid glanced over at you. still shuffling threw jackets he asked, "what's so funny?" you look so intense when cleaning." he gave a side grin, "i never realized." he finally finished organizing the closet. he stood close to the door and admired his work. "have you ever seen such a beautiful closet before?" he smiled, his eyes sparkled as he glanced around the room. you giggled looking around. it was kind of fun, you had never met someone so into organizing and symmetry as he was. kid's smile faded as he turned to you. "I'm truly sorry, what is your name ms?" ms? no one has ever addressed you like that. "my name is ___," you smiled. "what is your name?" you asked even though you already knew. "i am Death The Kid. its a pleasure to meet you." "I've never played a party game in a closet before..." he said glancing around. wait, he doesn't know how to play seven minutes in heaven? you asked yourself. "what is this game?" he asked turning his attention to you. you liked the fact he looked strait in your eyes when he spoke to you. "Seven Minutes In Heaven is a game were two people, a boy and a girl, get picked to go into a closet for seven minutes." kids normal expropriation turned into a discussed one. "please say eight." he asked in a down voice. realizing what was wrong you corrected your self "or in your case eight minutes. anyway, they couple are supposed to do things like kiss, hug, so on and so forth." the thought of kid kissing and hugging you crossed your mine. you couldn't help but blush as you pushed the thought out of your head. "oh. well um. that's kind of..." his voice trailed off. you looked down at the floor trying to hide your blush. "yeah." you said in a hushed voice. "its kind of weird kissing some one you just met in a closet." he said blankly. you frowned, of cores he wouldn't want to... "but, if its some one like you i don't mind." he lifted your chin with his fingers, forcing your eyes to meet his. he moved his hand to your head, slowly stroking you hair. he leaned in closer and closer to you. his breath tickled your face as his eyes gently shut. you fluttered your eye lids shut and puckered your lips. his soft warm lips pressed onto yours. honestly it felt so good. his fingers running through your hair, his lips against yours, it all felt so right. you placed one arm across his shoulders and back, the other hand on the back of his head. making the kiss deeper. your lips tingled and your stomach had butterflies. he pulled away and smiled at you. you couldn't help but smile back up at him. "so how come your so into symmetry even though there's three stripes on one side of your head?" you asked not thinking much of it. his face grew hard, you could no longer read his face. "kid?" his eye began to twitch. "iv'e tried to dye it so many times before." he said dramatically. you had wished you had never asked in the first place. "iv'e dyed my white stripes black. they turned back to white. iv'e tried dying the other side of my head so the strips would be even. not only did it not work but i would have dim hair on one side after my hair continues to grow." he covered his face with his hands. "I'm such an unsymmetrical monster!" he yelled. you sighed and patted his back. "i don't care if your unsymmetrical or symmetrical." he looked up from his hands, looking you in the eye. "r-really?" he asked, hope spilling into is voice. you smiled at his grinning face "of cores!" Kid smiled looking at your shirt, then your knee length skirt. "look at you, you are perfectly symmetrical." he said studding you. it felt weird to know he was looking your body up and down. you blushed, wondering what he thought about you. he grinned and kissed you once more on the lips. you kissed back and tangled your fingers in his unsymmetricaly perfect black hair. he moved his hand up and down your back making a soothing pattern. you guys pulled away just as the door swung open, a picture of kid and you standing in a perfectly symmetrical room. you guys walked back to the circle. kid asked if you would sit by him, so the two of you could catch up.-i know its an overused plot i couldn't really think of any others...-

The number 8 is symmetrical and anything like that is Kid's belonging, he takes your arm and walks you into the closet, of course ladies first, what a gentleman! When the door closes, he starts looking nervous and you feel like that too. "So, uh how does this work?" he asked nervously. "Uh well we can do anything we want for 7 minutes." you say also nervous. "Okay, but if we're going to do anything, it must be symmetrical!" he puts both hands on your waist then tilts your head to be perfectly straight. Then he just comes up and flat out kisses you, then pulls away. "Did that feel straight enough?" he asks you, you come up with a clever idea. "No you should try again." you say flirting a little, but he doesn't see that, he kisses you again this time a little longer. "Yes?" "No." he growls then tries kissing you longer to see if that will feel straight enough. "Better?" "Nope." "All right last try! This time it will be the most symmetrical kiss you and I have ever had!" he straightens your body by putting your arms around his neck, then he slowly came up and kissed you with the most passionate most romantic kiss you have ever gotten, when he let go you gave a slight aw like the ride was over. "That was perfect!" you say. "Oh! We've still got 3 minutes to spare!" he kissed you again and you guys made out for a while, then the door opened to Soul. "Did you guys really have to both take off your shirts?" he asked a little embarrassed. "Yes! Because it's the only way to make everything symmetrical!" Kid says with a smile. You knew he liked that kiss, not only because it was perfectly symmetrical, but because he liked you. You guys start dating afterwords.

Maka walked toward you and held the hat right in front of your face. You noticed everyone was staring at you, waiting for you to pick something. You bit your lip nervous as ever and reached in. You searched the hat trying not to shake. You didn’t want people to know you were so nervous. Overall you didn’t want people to find out you were inexperienced. You’ve never had boyfriend and never had a first kiss. But the nerves got to you and your hand began to shake uncontrollable., The hat started to shake as well. Taking noticed of this, you grabbed something within the hat as fast as you could and held it close to you chest. You were to scared to look at it. Well who is it ________ ?” asked Maka. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breathe you remove the item away from your chest and stare at it blankly in your hands. Oh you knew who you were going into the closet with alright as you saw a picture of the number 8 lay within your hands. Death the kid stood up. You began to shake again and turn red. Both of slowly walked into the closet as Maka shut to door behind you. You sat down on the ground and backed up against the wall. You began to take deep breathes to calm your nerves. “hey are you okay?” You jumped a little as you realized that Kid was right beside you. It was so dark that you couldn’t see anything. “You seem a bit nervous.” Kid said. “Well to be honest Kid this is the first time I have ever played this game…im..i…im not exactly the most experienced person here you know?” you said neverously. “well what does that matter? To be honest I haven’t even kissed a girl.” Your mouth dropped in disbelief. “You mean you have never had a girlfriend nor kissed anyone before either?” …. “nope and it doesn’t bother me and I shouldnt bother you. Your really an amazing girl ______, I mean any guy would be lucky to be with you. All I can say is that any guy who has turned you down is missing out.” “you really think so Kid?” you said as you turned red. “of course, you are perfectly symmetrical” you giggled as you rolled your eyes. “but I mean its not that, that makes you amazing _______. The stuff that really makes you amazing is that you are funny, smart, nice, a blast to hang out with, and ….umm… well.. I think your .. just…just well…you know….. beautiful. On the inside and out.” You looked up at Kid and waited till your eyes adjusted to the darkness. After a few moments you could finally see Kid. He was staring at floor as red as you were. “you know_______ to be honest I … I really like you….a lot. Like more than I have ever liked any girl” You began to deep breathe again. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “and well there is something I have been wanting to try for a while now.” “and what is that Kid” You asked curiously. All of a sudden you felt Kid grab your hands and pin you to the floor. You felt his body against yours and he slowly drifted his lip near yours. “…this…” he whispered as he gently pushed his lips into yours. You began to kiss back as you wrapped your arms around his body. He did the same. He slowly began to open his mouth as you followed. His tongue felt so wet and warm. The kiss was soft and slow. You both broke free for air. Kid still on top of you smiled biting his lip. He then grabbed you tightly and pined you down hard as he kissed you fast and with passion. *Oh my god it feels so good* you thought to your self. Both of your hands wandered as you felt his hot abs and as he felt your chest. Then BAM Maka opens the door. “Wholly shit ! Get up you two. Other people want to play” Kid finally got off of you and looked into you eyes. “I love you _____.” “ I love you too” you repeated. You spent the rest of the night on his lap and holding hands.

"What the hell?" You pulled out a stuffed octopus. "8 legs." someone smirked. Kid lookedat you. "Symettry" You giggled. You loved Kid since you met him, and he's getting all flirtatious. "Shall we go in?"he asked. You nodded, but you were kinda nervous. when you guys went in, the darkness swallowed you guyz, but you felt something warm and pleasent crawl up ur neck. It was Kid's fingers. You turned around and Kid roughly kissed you, wrapping his arms around you. for a second, you were excited! he was kissing you! But then, he ran his hand up your shirt. You broke the kiss and backed away. "don't tuch me like that!" you yell. He was shocked. Suddenly, he burst into tears. "I knew you didnt like me! I knew it! I'm an unsymettrical abomination! I have to DIE!" Suddenly, you felt bad. You went over to him and gave him a hug. he looked up at you. You kissed him warmlly, and he took it slow this time. He fell on you, but thsi time you ddint mind. Liz opened the door in the act. "Hot Like wow," she mumbled.

Stifling a sigh, you reach into the green pillow case and grip something round and hard. It’s smooth and cool to the touch, fitting into your palm perfectly. With a slight hesitation you pull it out. An 8 ball from a pool table sits daintily in your palm, contrasting greatly with your skin. A figure clad in dark clothing stands and moves into the closet quietly, like a shadow. After you hear the door click shut you stand, glance around the room, and follow Death the Kid in. The closet is dark – very dark and you search relentlessly for the light switch. After groping the wall for a while, you find it, but a firm grip grasps your wrist to stop you. “Don’t,” Kid says and releases you after a moment. Your heart begins to beat a mile a minute. “I think it’s better this way.” Taking offense to the comment you get ready to scold him when he adds, “When it’s dark, I can finally be at peace with my mind; I can’t tell symmetry from asymmetry. It’s…” He hesitates. “Nice…” You ponder this statement for a second. “But why are you telling me this?” There’s a hiatus – just the sound of his uneven breathing. You hold your breath, staring into the darkness. “I don’t really know.” He says after a moment and you can hear him moving around a little. You can’t help but notice how nervous he sounds, and wonder why. “_______,” A hand touches your shoulder and moves to your neck and cheek, and his thumb brushes against your lips. You shiver and can sense that he’s leaning closer. “Yes?” Finally, his lips press against yours hard. Taking a moment to feel his lips between your own, you kiss back softly and his hands wrap around the back of his neck. His lips become feverish and in response to the sudden mood change, you grip his collar and he bites your bottom lip before releasing you and backing away quickly. “What – What is it?” You ask, your chest constricting. “Nothing,” He whispers and brushes his fingers against your cheek. You stand there awkwardly, somehow feeling naked, like he peeled back your skin and revealed the real you. For some reason, you don’t believe him though. There seems to be something bothering him. Kid leans back against the opposite wall, casting judgmental glances around the closet now that his vision has adjusted. “This is all just wrong.” He says and pushes passed you to sort the hanging jackets and shoes. You watch him – he looks flustered and annoyed – and chuckle at his cuteness. Soon enough, the door opens, pooling light into the now perfectly symmetrical closet and blinding you. You exit, but kid stands there, his hands on his hips, and examines his work. “Good enough.” He comments and motions to you. “______ , sit next you me.” He orders not too kindly. You blush, but do as you’re told and join him, Patty and Liz on the floor. Suddenly, the electricity goes out, and gasps ring out in the pitch black room. Soul cusses under his breath, and Liz screams a little, but you don’t have much of a reaction until Kid’s fingers lace through yours…

You pulled water paints from the hat. From the looks they had never been used, they were perfect. You felt as though it should be obvious but really you were confused. Death the Kid walked up to you though, giving away that it was him.
"Perfect isn't it? There are eight colors and in perfect symmetry. It's beautiful right?"
You smiled and nodded. Sure you didn't exactly understand the whole 'symmetry is beauty' thing but it was cute how the young Shinigami marveled over it. Besides there were lots of symmetrical things that did look beautiful, only realizing this after meeting Kid as he pointed it out to you.
His reached his hand out to escort you to the closet. "I've requested that they add another minute to this game, so it truly is heaven," he whispered to you.
You blushed, his breath tickled your ear. "Even though I'm not symmetrical?" you dared to ask.
"Yes, even then ___."
Now you were really blushing. Kid may be a little crazy, very crazy if you see him at certain times but he really did know how to be a gentleman.
"Um, Kid, being in here with you is heaven for a dream come true. Only with a closet," you joked for the last part.
"Y-yeah?" you stutter, completely nervous about what you had said.
"Would it be alright with you if I took your first kiss?"
"Y-yes, I-I'd like that..."
Within seconds the son of the great Lord Death's body was pressed lightly against yours, his hands caressing you cheeks, breath making your mind lose focus and then suddenly being brought back from his lips softly on hers for precisely eight seconds. It was perfect, most definitely perfect.
"___, you aren't symmetrical, but you're so beautiful. I would like you to be mine. Please."
"O-o-of c-c-course K-Kid," you stuttered and blushed as you replied.
Kid smiled and let out a small chuckle before kissing you again. The door then soon opened, as you were in another mid-kiss. Even though you blushed you didn't care that they saw, Death the Kid was your boyfriend now. What was wrong with kissing your boyfriend?

So, throughout the night, these are the things I kept ending up reading after getting my quiz results. And let me say... <3 I was happy enough that I made myself a Soul Eater OC. XD

Epicity:Emo Finds Happy

(here we have my second scene. hopefully, teacher will like it as much as scene 1!)

Scene 2: *after school again, this time by a college*



*group is sitting on grass, Brant is stressed and sits away from Bridgette*

Bridgette: So, Trini, Teira, are you two seriously going to just go to the dance together? Aren't you getting dates?
*Brant flinches at the words "dance" and "dates".*
Trini: *looks at Teira* I might get a date. I don't know, but hey, if we do get dates, we'll just go as a group.
Teira: *smiles at Trini* Yeah, it would be fun that way. We could tease the boys more! *winks at Trini and Bridgette*
Drein: Bridg, have you asked anyone yet? *nudges Brant's arm, Brant pushes Drein lazily*
Bridgette: No, I haven't yet...I really want to ask someone though. *glances up at Brant* You know, Brant, dances really aren't all that bad. I promise! You would have so much fun, and----
Brant: No...I already told you...they are bad for my health...the doctors said so...*is getting fidgety*
*Bridgette sobs and stands up, frustrated and hurt*
Bridgette: Brant, why don't you want to go to the dance with me? What am I doing wrong here?
Brant: ...!!! ...Bridg...I just don't like...*Bridgette inhales sharply, as though she has taken a blow to the chest suddenly* ....dances...
Trini: Oh sure. Make up that excuse so she isn't completely heartbroken.
Brant: !'s not an excuse...!
Bridgette: Brant Li Brenler, I'm asking you to the dance, like it or not! And I want an answer by the end of this week! *storms off*
Teira: Oh! Take that! You better give her an answer, Brant, or else you're going to be in for the wrath of an angry woman. *walks away with Trini*
Drein: *stands up, sighs, closes eyes, and puts a hand on Brant's shoulder* Dude, you're so screwed right now. My best advice would be to just give an answer as soon as you can. *walks away*
Brant: *stands all by himself, covers face, then runs hands through hair once. He sighs, then sits down, looking stressed.* ...why does this kind of crap happen to me...?
*setting changes to inside Bridgette's room*
Bridgette: *sighs sadly* Why does this happen to me? What do I have to do to get him to just say yes...? *sighs again*
*end of scene 2*

(Scene three will be really interesting, i promise. Hehe.)