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This is Sii-kohai's (aka Kawaii Inu's) fanfic:


Siyuki, an innocent 5-year-old, dog-demon hanyou, was obediently walking alongside her father, Suishou, a full demon, and her demon pet and familiar, Kyuutai. All she had been told before being dragged here was that her assistance was needed in tackling a fairly strong demon. Her father had immediately volunteered her without a second opinion. Being behind in the conversation, had made her too late to object.
“Man, this is so dull!! “, Siyuki thought distastefully. Kyai-chan, now masqueraded as a sly, regal-looking mink, slithered up her kimono sleeve to her shoulder. It had reminded her of her old pet, Irara, who had regrettably ran away during a curiously violent dispute with Tokage (13), who was formerly known as Buta. She had gotten desperate and had used, her sword, Tenshu, to fend him off. When that didn’t work, she used its ultimate move, Divine Fury, which sent him flying. After the dust had settled, she was nowhere to be found. Shortly afterward, Kyuutai had appeared as a small, wounded, and young shape shifter. She had nurtured it and now he was inseparable from her.
Rapidly, something skirted her view. She glanced at her father. He appeared to be lost in thought. Silently, she slid out of his grasp and hurried into the direction she had seen the thing move, when a nostalgic scent flooded her nose. I know this scent from somewhere...she thought. She chased after it again.
The Meeting

Kouga, a young wolf demon of the age of 7, was just playing tag with his friends when something socked him from behind.
“Ow!!! Hey, watch it!” He shouted irritably. He turned around to see who’d run into him and found, a five-year-old child with soft, medium-length brown hair, and deep, dark, kind brown eyes. She wore a lilac kimono with a violet lily emblem in the bottom left corner of the skirt. In a way she resembled one of Kouga’s friendly rivals, Inuyasha.
“Ahh...” She apparently tripped over a branch in a bush when she was chasing after him, hence, making her fall on top of him. She was thrown so far by the branch, though, that when he turned over; they were only three inches away from each other. Siyuki’s entire face went red. Kouga was so naïve, that he had no clue what was wrong.
She scrambled to her feet, very flustered and embarrassed about what had just happened.
“I-I-I-I’m r-really sorry!!” she stuttered. She was bowing and groveling like crazy. I’m not sure how, but that last event must’ve really made her uncomfortable, Kouga assumed.
“No problem. It’s not like anything weird happened or we’re hurt or something,” he blurted out. She flinched slightly at the remark, but composed herself immediately afterward.
“Anyway, I’m Kouga, son of the leader of the Demon Wolf Tribe. Who’re you?” Kouga blabbered on happily.
“I’m--,” she started. At the exact moment she would’ve said her name, her father snarled angrily in the distance.
“SIYUKI!!!!!” Suishou howled. Siyuki could tell that if she didn’t come back ASAP, he would have not only have her hide, but her new acquaintance, Kouga, as well...
“Siyuki-san, is it? Nice to meet you,” He said, indifferent to her father’s angry howl. “Say, was that your old man just now? It sounds as if you should be heading home.”
Siyuki nodded. “Uh-huh. But what am I going to tell him?? That I got lost???” She replied now more worried than before. Then suddenly, he picked her up in his arms and started walking toward the place where her father’s voice had come from.
“Hey! What are you doing?!?” She shrieked. She thrashed about wondering what he was planning to do when he explained, in a rather warning voice, “I’m going to take you back home and explain what happened, all right?” She instantly felt ashamed for yelling at him, but also strangely embarrassed for making such a fuss about being helped.
Kouga was silent for a few moments before he replied in a softer, warmer voice, “I...I just don’t want you to get in trouble for running into me, okay...?” Instantly, Siyuki could tell he went red in the face, even though his face was away from her’s. She could tell this because his palms had broken out in a cold sweat, and the air felt a little warmer for some reason. The rest of the long walk was silent and a little edgy. While they were walking, the oddest thought whispered in her thoughts; I think I’m beginning to like him...
Amour Fleurir

Unfortunately, her father had told her to wait by the gate while her new acquaintance explained what had happened, so she had no idea what Kouga could be telling her father. This had made her panicky and now she was hyperventilating. Her father appeared around the edge of the gate. She cringed, waiting for the scolding to begin. When it didn’t come, she looked up and saw a rather soft and contented expression on his face. Now she was bewildered. He almost never looked this happy.
“I know the castle can be lonely at times, but that’s no excuse to go off looking for a boyfriend,” he teased. Then he winked amusingly, and walked back toward the castle.
“A WHAT?!?!” she shrieked. She bolted off to where her father and the young demon had been conversing privately. She found him sitting on one of the edge of the low stone wall. He was idly dangling his feet for no evident reason. He was completely unaware of her company. She walked toward him and sat down beside him. She glanced up at him cautiously, and was speechless. Instead of noticing her, like she assumed he would, he was now teasing a butterfly. Frustrated and slightly hurt, she tugged at the shoulder fur...pad...things on his shoulder. He blinked and glanced around once or twice, until he finally become aware that Siyuki was there.
“Oh, hi, Siyuki-san,” he said smiling, wholly unaware of how she was feeling. After a few moments, Kouga realized something was up.
“Hey, was it something I said?” he asked, his expression now more flaccid.
“Oh, nothing. I was just sitting here waiting to talk to you, but you were off in your own little world, not even bothering to notice me,” she retorted, her feelings slightly hurt.
“...I’m really sorry. You were so quiet, I must not’ve noticed until now. All you had to do was say my name,” he replied sadly. Once again, she had hurt his feelings without being aware of doing it. She murmured something he couldn’t quite catch.
“Come again?”
“I said I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so cold. I mean, it’s not your fault I walk like a shadow. It’s just the way I am. Can you forgive me?” she asked. Siyuki looked on the verge of tears.
“Yeah, but it’s not all your fault. It’s somewhat my slipup, too.” He sighed.
“It’s not your fault I’m so thickheaded.” He turned toward her and smiled.

“Let’s just make up and put it in the past, okay?”
“I-I-I can’t make out!! I’m only five!!! How can you ask me that?!!”
“Make up, not make out, you dingdong...”
“Oh...Okay! ☻” With that, there was a happy, but slightly awkward silence as they watched the sun sink lower into the sky. Kouga peeked over at Siyuki. She appeared to be lost in her own world, where seeing the setting sun is like your greatest wish being granted. Now’s probably the best chance I’ll get...he thought. Slowly, carefully, he slid his hand over to Siyuki’s shoulder. He dropped his hand on her shoulder and retreated slightly. He peered a little out of one eye and expected her to slap him for being so forward. To his shock, she was stunned by the sudden turn of events. He grinned and put his opposite hand on her other shoulder. This she reacted to, flinching very slightly and blushing.
Kouga breathed a small sigh of relief. Well...At least she didn’t slap me, he reflected. She turned toward him, her face a bright red as well as quizzical and longing for something. Unexpectedly, she stood up and more or less stepped away from him.
“W-well then, I guess we should both be heading home,” she faltered. It was obvious that even though she liked Kouga’s attempt, she didn’t want him to know it.
“Why? My folks won’t mind if I stay over at a friend’s for a night or two,” he pointed out.
“Um...Well, because...” She couldn’t think of a good reason to send him off. Then it hit her.
“Because I’m a girl and you’re a boy, and it’s just not right for you to stay over!” she argued.
“It’s not like we’re going to share the same bed or something. It’ll be fine,” he countered. He was beginning to catch on. She did like him, but she was afraid that her parents would see his advances and keep her away from him.
So she’s looking out for me, eh? At that thought, he couldn’t help but grin.

Unforeseen Events

Hence, Siyuki had lost the argument. Her parents had allowed Koga to stay, but they were firm about where he slept. They had had dinner and just chatted and had fun. She was relieved that he didn’t try anything while her parents were around. Knowing her father, if he were that straight-forward, he would have kicked him out without sparing a second thought.
Now she lay awake in bed, reminiscing about the day’s going-on. For some unusual reason, she couldn’t get the memory of the sunset out her mind. The rest of her family was asleep, but she couldn’t help but feel as if someone was watching her...
Unexpectedly, she heard the door slide open. She jumped and whirled in the direction of the door and saw Koga standing there. Standing there in the moonlight like that made him look more like a child than he did in the daylight.
“Hey, can I come in...? No offence, but your house sorta creeps me out...” He glimpsed around as if to make sure nothing would jump out at him.
“Are you...Scared??” She just couldn’t believe it: a wolf-demon that’s afraid of the dark. And they live in the dark, practically.
“N-n-no! I-it’s just that this place is all shadowy and unfamiliar, and I don’t recognize any of these scents--“
“You’re scared.”
“I am not!!” he persevered, even though by now he had begun to break out in a cold sweat.
“So can I stay here or what?” By now he was shivering and started to every little noise. She could tell undeniably that he wasn’t just scared, he was terrified.
“Sure, but you’ll have to keep it down. If my parents wake up and find you in here, they’ll toss you out for sure.”
“Alright.” She lifted the covers and let him under as well. She trusted him not to try anything, but was still unsure about doing this.
Kouga had calmed down now, but was still glancing around nervously. She sorta felt bad for him. She patted him on the head.
“There, there. Nothing’s going to come after you Koga.” He squirmed away from her.
“I’m not a dog!!!”
“I know, but I just couldn’t resist!” she was trying her hardest to avoid giggling, but in the end, it didn’t work.
“Oh, yeah?” He grabbed her and started playing with her ears.
“Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?” He started stroking her roughly.
“Hey!! Quit playing with my ears!” She writhed and wriggled until she broke free and started beating him. He just sat there and rolled his eyes amusedly.
“Feh. Like that hurts,” he laughed.
“Why you little--!” She leaped at him and bowled him over. Afterward, she sat on him so he couldn’t get up.
“That’s-not-fair! You can’t sit on me like this! Let me up!!” he struggled to get her off, but to no avail.
“Or else what?” she smirked.
“Or I’ll do this!!” He managed to get his arms around her and pull her to the floor. After she was on the floor, he put his arms around her and embraced her. Then he let go a little and looked into her face and smirked.
“Ha!! How do you like that?” Siyuki just grinned and all of a sudden threw her arms around him and cuddled him. Koga was taken by surprise.
“Wha--? H-h-hey, what do you th-think you’re doing??” Kouga’s face went red, and he fidgeted to get out of her embrace. He glanced at Siyuki and saw that she was blushing slightly, too. She didn’t do that to get back at me...?
Kouga felt Siyuki’s grip loosen. She was falling asleep. He lay down and she squeezed him a little tighter. He smiled softly and put his arms around her in return.
Thus, the moon shined ever brighter.

Startling Results

Kouga was awakened by the bright, spring morning sunlight. He sat up and yawned. He looked over and saw that Siyuki was lying on his lap, still fast asleep. He put a hand on her head and stroked her gently. He looked around sleepily and noticed that Siyuki’s father Suishou was sitting only a couple yards away, painting and/or writing on some rice paper. Suishou looked up, and Koga recoiled.
“Are you up already? Really...Why are you kids such early birds?” He didn’t seem to be affected by the fact that Kouga had defied his direct orders.
“I-i-i-it’s n-not what it looks like!” Kouga stammered helplessly. He tried to shrink back under the covers, but with Siyuki, that was going to be hard if he didn’t want to wake her. Nevertheless, Siyuki-san woke up anyway.
“Hey, whaz all da yellin’ about?” she asked sleepily. She yawned deeply and stretched out.
“I was simply asking Koga why all of you youngsters get up so early,” he replied simply. He took a small swallow of the tea sitting next to his art.
“So...Why did you and Koga sleep together even though I specifically told you not to?” he questioned. This was the exact thing Kouga had feared.
“Cause he’s afraid of the dark,” she giggled. Out of anger, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.
“Have you no shame, woman?!?!”
“Nope.” She smiled. Suishou was leaning on his elbow and trying to keep from laughing.
“You know,” he said, finally letting himself laugh, “You two would make good comedians!” With that, he walked out the room still snorting for the heck of it. He turned to Siyuki.
“Your father is weird,” he said. He chuckled slightly to himself.
“I know,” she moaned, “Still...I thought for sure he’d explode. I guess he’s a little more cheerful.” She shrugged.
“...Wanna play outside,” he asked meaninglessly.
“Eh, what the heck.” she bolted outside.
“Hey! Haven’t you ever heard of waiting?!” he hurried after her, out the front door.
Kouga looked around, trying to find out where Siyuki had gone. The only thing that he could find was a small brown dog, with a thick bushy tail and long, floppy ears. Now he was baffled.
“Siyuki...?” The dog’s eyes sparkled and it wagged its tail. Without warning, her ears pricked and she ran off into the woods.
“Hey! What’s the big idea?!” he yelled, but Siyuki kept running farther and farther away. He sighed and took off after her.

The Challenge

Siyuki had caught the scent of someone she didn’t know. At long last, she caught sight of the intruder and barked. His head turned and he yelled as she charged towardshim. Once she was in distance, she leapt and landed on him. Kouga, who was only a few yards behind, immediately recognized him.
“Hey, Mutt. What’re you doing here?” He asked.
“None of your business, Wolf! Just get this mongrel offa me!!” he snapped.
“Whoa, I’m trying to make extremely civilized conversation, and you’re biting my head off.” Kouga pointed out.
“Sorry, but this beast looks like its going to rip off my head,” Inuyasha (10) said calmly.
“Alright, Siyuki. Heel.” Koga commanded. Siyuki transformed back to her human self, and started chewing him out.
“Hey, I’m not a dog, you jerk-weed!!” she snapped.
“Oh, but you are.” He stated simply. That knocked off a few points for Siyuki’s argument.
“Well, I’m not your pet, so don’t treat me that way!”
“I bet you want to be my pet,” Kouga goaded. Now, Siyuki’s face was flushed in embarrassment. and she kept looking at the ground.
“Siyuki’s in love with Koga〰♪” Inuyasha chimed. This made Siyuki’s ears go flat, and she made a low growl.
“Am not!” she quarreled, but it was obvious that she was lying.
“Oh? Let’s test that theory of yours, shall we?” Miroku (9) said as he stepped out from behind the tree he was hiding behind. Kagome (7), Sango, (8) and Kirara stepped out from their hiding places as well.
“Who are you people?” Siyuki wondered to herself aloud.
“Anyway, I think I know how we can find out if she likes Koga or not,” Miroku stated.
“Koga, I think you should kiss Siyuki,” Miroku proposed.
“Say what?!” Koga barked, and Siyuki fell backward.
“No way!!” Siyuki retorted, her face a cherry red.
“Well, she might not react to a hug, so this is the next best move,” Miroku indicated.
“.....Are you sure about this?” Koga asked hesitantly. He had begun to blush a little, as well.
“Very positive. If this doesn’t work nothing will,” he said.
“Can’t I just hold her hand or something...?”
“You people suck, you know that?!” he shouted. Nevertheless, Kouga walked over to Siyuki anyway. He got a little closer to her (she backed away a tad), and then, although he had to force himself, he kissed her (the same thing would happen to you if you had to kiss the person you liked right in front of your friends). Siyuki’s entire face was so flushed; she looked like it might never go away. Koga was red, too, but nowhere near as bad as Siyuki.
“Yup. It is obvious that she does indeed love Kouga,” Miroku announced.
“Wahahahahahaha!! I knew it!” Inuyasha gloated. Siyuki fists were clenched and she looked ready to pound him.
“It would also appear,” Miroku began again, “That Koga likes Siyuki in return.”
“Or he just doesn’t have the guts to kiss a girl,” Inuyasha snickered.
“Feh! Like you can either!” Koga countered. Inuyasha went awkwardly silent.
“Shut up!” he shouted at Kouga and then attacked him.
Siyuki sighed. Men... She thought....When will they learn?
“Hey, Siyuki-san!” Sango-san and Kagome-san were walking toward her.
“Yes?” Siyuki didn’t have a clue what they could want with her. Most people were just silent and bowed before her whenever she went past (Siyuki’s mother was a princess and her father was a guardian spirit).
“Is it really true? Are you really in love with Koga?” they both asked.
“Why does everyone keep asking me this?!” Siyuki shouted angrily.
“Don’t worry. We’re just curious. we won’t tell anybody else. We swear.”
“Alright, but if you break your promise, I’ll find you.” Siyuki warned.
“We promise!” they both smiled happily at the prospect that Siyuki trusted them.
“........I do.....”
“Thank you for telling us!! We promise we won’t tell anyone!” Kagome said. Sango looked unsure, though.
“What about telling Koga? I mean he is the person you like, and you’d figure he would want to know as well.”
“Don’t worry about that. I’ll tell him in time...But I think he’s thinking the same thing about me.”
“Yup!” And with that Siyuki smiled and watched the two morons fight behind her.

A Close Call

It was winter and the first snow had just begun to fall from the clouds. Siyuki, unfortunately, had had to change back into the stupid kimono that the princesses wore because it was so cold. Personally, she would have rather froze, because having people bow to you 24/7 is very aggravating. Even so, she did like it because she did think it was very pretty; she just didn’t like the attention it attracted. If it attracted Kouga-kun, though, that could be an entirely different story.
Siyuki (8) was sitting outside in the garden, just thinking and letting her mind wander. This was a curious habit that she had inherited from her father, Suishou. Despite the habit being abnormal, it did help her make wise decisions and also improved her understanding of things at least three-fold.
Kyai-chan was now in the form of a white wolf and was playfully rolling around in the freshly fallen snow. Siyuki couldn’t help but chuckle at his cuteness. She decided to get up and join him. She ran off after him and chased him through the woods in the ankle-deep snow.
All of sudden, Kyuutai skidded to halt, slipping on the ice underneath the snow. In the clearing in front of Kyai, there were wolves and demons far and wide. Most of the wolves were some shade of brown, but mixed in between them there were a few white, gray, or black wolves. All the demons were wearing armor and wolf fur. Most of them were dressed similarly to Kouga-kun.
The demons were beginning to become aware of them, and the wolves weren’t the friendliest animals either. The wolves started draw nearer to them, and Kyai, in a desperate endeavor to protect Siyuki, transformed into an enormous bear. Kyai’s sheer size was enough to make the wolves back down, but now the demons were coming too. Unfortunately, there weren’t many things bigger than a bear, and the demons weren’t awfully afraid of a bear. They had spears as well, which made things even more dangerous.
“Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here?” one of the demons asked forbiddingly. Siyuki tried to flee, only to be snatched by the back of kimono and held up by a demon with medium length flaming red hair and smoky gray eyes. The demon’s eyes softened a bit when he realized that she was just a youngster.
“Kids like you shouldn’t be playing around here, you know. Let’s bring you inside where it’s warmer,” His eyes flitted to the kimono she wore, “Your Highness.”
“Why must everyone call me ‘your Highness”?! Why can’t they just call me Siyuki-san?” Siyuki asked angrily. The demon was taken aback by the thought that someone royal wouldn’t like being royal.
“I can call you Siyuki-san if you like that better, but it just seems odd, considering you’re wearing noble clothes.”
“I would like that very much. Thank you!” Perhaps this demon isn’t so bad after all, but what are the rest of them like..?
While he carried her into the cave a little deeper in the forest, Siyuki saw hungry looks on the others’ faces as she passed. She was beginning to feel frightened. Even Kyuutai was getting a tad nervous. Once they arrived at the cave, he carried her over to a wolf much bigger than the others. He also seemed a great deal older and wiser.
“Elder, I found this kid wandering around the edge of our tribe’s home”
“Oh~?” The old wolf’s ears perked interest.
“Let me see her a little more closely,” the wolf insisted. The demon set her down in front of the light gray wolf, but kept a hand on her shoulder to be sure she didn’t try any tricks. The large wolf examined her closely, and then let out a gasp.
“This girl is a half-demon!” he exclaimed.
“You mean I was nice to a worthless hanyou?!” the demon bellowed angrily. He whirled around to face Siyuki, his eyes full of rage.
“Should I kill her, Elder?” He asked.
“No, not yet. I have heard the children talk of a young female half-demon around these parts. Perhaps she is the one they speak of. Let her wander here for a time. If she can find a person she knows from this tribe, and they know her, don’t kill her. If not, do as you please with her.”
With that last sentence, she broke free of his grasp, which through rage had ripped her sleeve slightly and made blood ooze from her shoulder. She knew just the person to look for, the problem was finding him. There were at least a hundred demons here and Kouga could be anywhere in this mob. Kyuutai, now a brown wolf pup, bounded shortly after her.
“Kyuutai! You’ve got to help me find Koga-kun!” she commanded. Kyai-kun bounded of to fulfill its task. She looked around and she thought she caught his scent drift from inside the cave. She hurried inside the cave, and scented the air. The scent was stronger this time, and it seemed to be coming from the back of the cave. She rushed farther into the cave when she spotted him sleeping in the back of the cave. She probably wouldn’t have time to wake, so instead she just threw him over her shoulders and carried him piggy-back. Then she ran to the place where the Elder was. Siyuki rushed inside to find theElder and the one wolf-youkai still waiting there.
“Back so soon, are ye? I must admit, for a young girl like yourself, you sure do have some strength behind ye. And to top that, you ran here despite being wounded. Perhaps you aren’t so worthless after all.” She didn’t care about his praise at the moment. Blood was dribbling down her arm, and Kouga weighed more than her and Kyai put together (he isn’t fat; he’s just older than her). Her legs were getting weak, and she collapsed, Kouga still on her back.
The fall had woken Koga up, and now he yawned. He glanced around, noting that this was not were he went so sleep. He glanced down to Siyuki, half-conscious, lying under him. He leaped off, very uneasy about the fact that she was here and that she was under him.
“S-Siyuki! What the heck are you doing here?! Why am I here?! Oh my god, you’re bleeding!!!!”
“Well, if that doesn’t prove it, nothing will. He knows her and worries about her.” The Elder said.
“If you ask me, I’d say that he likes that despicable half-demon.” the other demon teased.
“I do not! And she’s not despicable!!!” Unfortunately, with Koga blushing and fawning over Siyuki, it was not very believable.
“Oh, yeah right. You’re blushing and you’re holding her. What better proof can you get?”
“Shut up, Kemuri!! Why do you care if I do or if I don’t?” Koga growled
“Firstly, hanyous are despicable half-breeds, and second, it’s against the rules to marry a half-demon.”
“Actually, Kemuri, it only states that you cannot marry a mortal, which would technically be a human, not a hanyou.”
“Elder! Why are you against me? Surely you are not enamored of her?”
“No, but I do like little kids. Especially ones with dog ears.” The Elder grinned.
“Hey, hey, hey! Who says I wanna wed her? Sure, I like her but getting hitched? Aren’t you guys going a little far with this?”
“I dunno. Ask your little girlfriend over there.” Kemuri smirked. Koga whirled around to find Siyuki fully conscious again. She had heard the entire conversation, apparently.
“Why didn’t you tell me she woke up?! I would have never gone in this conversation!!” Koga was shaking Kemuri back and forth.
“Because it’s fun to tease you...Lover boy.” Kemuri sneered. Koga bashed Kemuri on the head. Kemuri responded to this by bopping Koga on the head. Elder turned toward Siyuki.
“So, did you really catch all of this chat?”
“Everything from ‘he knows her and worries about her’”
They both sighed and watched the two morons battle it out.

A New Foe--or New Friend?

Spring had come later this year. It was the beginning of May and already the cherry blossoms were starting to fall. It was just like snow, only the petals were a pale pink color and they were not cold. But even thought the flowers had come early, the leaves had come late.
Siyuki, now the age of 9, was walking through the forest, fervently enjoying the warm weather the season had to offer her. Secretly though, she was hoping to meet up with Kouga again and ask him about the incident a dew months ago, in the wolf den. The whole thing had bewildered her, and she wanted to clarify exactly what had happened.
She was walking further into the woodland than she usually did, because she wanted to explore what was beyond the mountains (the Demon Wolf Tribe) and the field (Hanabira Meadow). She was, to some extent, reluctant to go too far, however, due to her brusque encounter with the Demon Wolf Tribe, but she went ahead anyway.
Siyuki bounded casually down the path until she ran into something white and downy. She fell backwards and landed relentlessly on the earthen path. The drop had made her woozy, so she shook her head to clear it up. When she looked up to find out what she had bumped into a demon with long, white hair, a furred cloak, and a white kimono (let’s face it: he’s all white), who look about the age of 12 or 13.
He had no expression on his face whatsoever when he turned to face her, but a much smaller, toadish thing certainly did.
“How dare you do this to my Lord Sesshomaru!!? You had better start apologizing to milord right away, or face his wrath!” the green lackey barked. Siyuki just sorta sat there with a completely baffled look. The toad started to charge her, but she easily stopped him with a boot to the forehead. Kyai, a petite starling, was chirping his encouragement for Siyuki in the milieu.
“Arrg-! How dare you defy milord and me, half-breed! Taste the flames of the Staff of Two Heads!” Flames billowed from the staff and almost reached Siyuki, when the white demon interrupted.
“Jaken that is enough,” he commanded strictly. The flames stopped at once and the ugly gremlin was on his knees groveling.
“We have no reason to deal with pathetic half-demons such as her,” he sneered. That irked Siyuki. She wanted to slice his head off right then and there with Tenshu. She drew the Tenshu and charged, but stopped after two steps. He didn’t have a sword, so that wouldn’t be a fair fight. Also, what would her family and friends think if she murderedsomeone? What if he related to one of her friends? Grudgingly, she replaced Tenshu. Sesshomaru, who had just glimpsed her returning her sword, tittered.
“Humph, so you didn’t have the heart to attack someone who has done you no harm? Heh, you’re nobler than I thought. You’re not bad... for a half-demon,” he snickered. That was the last straw. Siyuki went dog and jumped him, knocking him into the dust. Siyuki liked the look he wore on his face just then. It said, “I was hit down by a dog a quarter of my size, and I couldn’t do a darned thing about it”.
“You’ve got spunk, I’ll give you that much. But you better watch it,” he warned as she changed back into a half-demon.
“Well quit being so arrogant, and loosen up a bit! You walk around like you’ve got a stick stuck up your butt!” She teased. Now she was jerking his chain. He looked indifferent about it at first, and then he rushed forward.
“Why you little--!!” she dodged him and hopped nimbly into the nearest tree.
“Maybe I’m the one, maybe I’m the one who is the schizophrenic psycho~♪” she chirped tauntingly.
“Gods, you’re annoying,” Sesshomaru murmured angrily.
“You’re so slow you couldn’t catch me even if--“she stopped abruptly after she noticed Sesshomaru was using his Light Whip. The whip caught her by her ankle and dragged her down. Within a few moments he was holding her by her ankle and she was dangling in front of his face.
“As you were saying~?” Sesshomaru asked. Siyuki swallowed hard.
“Um...I don’t s’pose ‘nothing’ counts as an answer...?” she answered guiltily.
“Oooh, no~,” he smiled wickedly.
“Hoo-boy...I’m in trouble, aren’t I...?”
“More trouble than you can imagine.”
“Can I say one widdle ting before you beat me up..?” She pouted.
“Get on with it then.” Siyuki swung like a pendulum back and forth until she collided with Sesshomaru in a devastating head-butt. Sesshomaru fell backwards and dropped her, and Siyuki fell on her feet, very woozy and wobbly from the impact. She tottered around backward and forward, until she fell over. Blood welled up from the bump on her temple.
Sesshomaru sat up, feeling a little lightheaded, and afterwards, shook it off. He stood up to look for the little punk, and found her unconscious. He sighed with pity. Now he would have to carry this little horror with him as well. He hoisted her up and then walked off angrily to find someone to take care of the little monster.
About an hour later, Siyuki regained consciousness. The brute she’d run into was now making off with her in order to find a safe place to slaughter her.
“AHHHH!!!! HE’S GONNA SLAUGHTER ME!!!” she shrieked. She thrashed about to get out of his grasp, but with him being 7 years older than her, that’s sorta hard...
“I’m NOT gonna eat you,” he seethed.
“HE’S GONNA EAT ME!!! I ALREADY SEE THE BLOOD DRIPPING FROM ME!!!!!!” she screamed a one little drop of blood trickled from her wounded forehead.

“That’s just blood from when you bashed your head against me! Now quit screaming!”
“But you’re gonna EAT ME!! I’M TOO YOUNG TO BE EATEN!!” she wailed.
“Gods...When I grow up, I am SO not having kids...” Sesshomaru muttered. Siyuki finally managed to wriggle out of his arms, but she fell flat on the ground upon succeeding.
“Oi...I feel dizzy...” she mumbled. She started to crawl away when Sesshomaru picked her up once more. She began to defy him yet again, but surrendered.
“I give up, just don’t eat me!!” she moaned. Sesshomaru groaned.
I’m not going to eat you, or pound you, or murder you. I’m bringing you back home, fool,” he said.
“Wh-what?! Milord, you can’t be serious?? After what she did to you?!” Jaken screeched.
“She’s a little kid who was scared, Jaken,” he replied.
“I ain’t ‘fraid o’ not’in’!” she murmured, her words slurred. With that she fainted for a second time.
Around sunset, Sesshomaru finally ran into Inuyasha and Kouga, who both threw fits when they saw her.
“OH MY GOD!! What’d you do to her?!” Koga bawled. He yanked her from Sesshomaru’s arms and tried to wake her.
“Dude, what happened out there? You guys look roughed up,” Inuyasha noted.
“Thanks...That makes me feel a lot better,” Sesshomaru said sarcastically.
“Hey! I’m just trying to help!” Inuyasha barked.
Meanwhile, Koga was holding Siyuki in his arms sobbing (yeah, Koga’s a softy). Siyuki was beginning to regain awareness, and felt Kouga hugging her. She leaped out of his arms, her face reddening.
“Wha--?” She looked around to make sure that nobody saw what took place, but Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Jaken were all gawking at her.
“Y-You all saw nothing! Nothing happened just now!!” she stammered.
“Sure.... If you don’t count Koga holding you in his arms,” Sesshomaru chuckled. Inuyasha joined in, and soon everyone but Koga was laughing at her.
“Stop it!!!” she commanded, but they all just cackled louder. She hissed at them, and they shut up instantly.
Thus, Siyuki had made another friend...I guess.

When Perverts Join Forces
Merely one month had passed since Siyuki-san (10) met Sesshomaru-sama, and already they were friends (Yes, they are friends, they just tease each other regularly), and already trouble was brewing again. Buta (Tokage) had found two ruffians who like women just as much as he did. Hiten and Manten were the two demons he found, along with Meushi and Itto, his two underlings. And thus, Hiten, Manten, and the trio of idiots were running amok in the streets doing...well, lecherous deeds. While Hiten and Manten do like women, too, they were in it for the Shikon jewel shards that could possibly be found along the way.
Kouga had asked Siyuki to fetch something for him from the village to the north, Chikyu-Doro. Siyuki was riding on Kyuutai, now a graceful auburn stallion, humming blissfully to herself as she tied a bandana over her ears to hide them from the village folk. Kyuutai stopped without warning, and Siyuki looked over his shoulder to see what stopped him. Ahead of him was a band of demons blocking the path. She slid off of Kyai’s back.
“Get outta my way, or I’ll run you over,” she commanded. No one budged. A person with a long braid stepped forward.
“Hand over your Shikon jewel shards!” Hiten demanded.
“Hm~? Oh, you mean this?” she pulled out an adamant pendent her mother had given her for her birthday.
“Why would you guys want my necklace?” she asked naively.
“Because the jewel gives power to demons, didn’t you know that?” he asked.
“I never realized that adamant was sacred...much less that it had special powers...” Siyuki babbled to herself.
“WHAT?! That’s not adamant, you idiot!” He shouted as he jerked the pendent from her hand. He examined it carefully, and was thunderstruck.
“This...Isn’t a sacred jewel shard...?” Siyuki yanked the collar from his hand, and smacked him on the back of the head.
“What was that for?!” He snapped.
“That was for walking off with my pendent, jerkweed!”
“Kiss me” Buta said, appearing out of nowhere, grabbing her by the waist. Siyuki punched him in the face, grabbed him by the shirt collar, kneed him in the stomach, elbowed him in the back of the neck, and tossed him (which is very odd that she could do that, considering the 8 year age difference).
“Jeez, is he disgusting. Of all people, why would you join forces with him?!” she asked Hiten and Manten.
“We were promised Shikon jewel shards,” he shrugged. Manten nodded.
“Whatev. I’m gonna take care of those lechers. I’ll teach them to flirt with me!” she said, her voiced raised for combat. She drew Tenshu (yes, her father allowed her a katana).
Kyai changed into a huge wolf-like beast with large wings, huge saber-like fangs, and wicked claws. Kyai flexed his enormous, curved, ominous claws and barked. He was so huge, though, that his bark sounded like a fusion of a bark and a growl. He most likely stood five feet at the withers alone. He had jet-black fur that felt like a raven’s plume. He had a drawn out tail that was fluffy, yet whip-like. And his eyes were a fierce golden-orange that blazed like moonlight.
Kyuutai charged toward the trio of idiots. Itto (12) and Meushi (12 ½), squealed and rand around in circles, while Buta stood there looking smug. He held out his hand to stop him.
“I am God! You cannot hurt God of your sins will never be forgiven!” he shouted. Kyuutai, puzzled, halted. “Harummoof rrowff arrooomf grargf jarrokf muuhorf Kryuu-ktai,” he replied in a rudimentary-sounding language. The idiots were stumped at what that could have meant.
“Hey, Kyai! I never knew you could speak! Or in that language!” Siyuki exclaimed.
“Brrawrr karerhu muumnkra!” Kyai barked harshly.
“Alright, already! You don’t have to yell...” Siyuki grumbled.
“OK, exactly WHAT did that beast just say?” Manten asked.
“’I, Kyuutai have committed not nearly as many wrongdoings as you have, you spurious God!’ for the first one and, “this is my native tongue, fool!’ for the second one,” she explained.
“Wroo,” Kyuutai barked. Then he continued his assault on the three, making them wish they had never crossed paths.
“I said teach them a lesson, not kill them, Kyuutai-chama!” She said sternly. Kyai reluctantly stopped his attack, and trotted begrudgingly to his master’s side. Siyuki mounted Kyuutai again and left, leaving Buta, Meushi, and Itto wounded on the side of the road. Hiten and Manten looked at each other briefly, shrugged, and left for home.

The Relentless Relatives

“Siyuki-chan! Can you come in here for a moment?” her mother’s voice called. Siyuki obediently walked into the living room and sat down.
“Siyuki, you know how your 11th birthday is in a few days?” her mother asked.
“We are going to invite your half-sister over for you birthday, and you’ll also get to see your new half-sister as well. Is that alright?” Mother queried.
“WHAT!?! YOU INVITED HIYOKO OVER HERE?!?!” Siyuki screeched.
“Yes. Is there a problem?” Siyuki didn’t have the heart to say no to her mother, so she just shook her head, frustrated.
“Alright, dear! They will be over tomorrow evening. Thank you, sweetie!” she said. After that, she got up and went to the kitchen to see how supper was coming along.
“Oh...No...” Siyuki managed to say. She leapt up and rushed outside to find Koga. Maybe he could help her knock out Hiyoko and drag her away, or something...
“Kouga-kun! Kouga!!!” she called. Out of nowhere, he flew out of the tree on her right and waved. Hakkaku and Ginta followed right behind him.
“Yo, Siyuki. What’s up?”
“My half-sister is coming over for my birthday tomorrow and I can’t stand her! I need your help--“
“Wait a minnit! Your birthday’s tomorrow, and you never bothered to tell me?!” he sulked.
“No, it’s three days from today, but she’s coming over tomorrow evening,” Siyuki elucidated.
“Ohhh, so she’s just annoying, is that it?”
“VERY annoying.”
“Alright. I might help you...If you let me come over on your birthday,” he said smiling.
“You do know I was going to ask you that right?”
“Hey... Can we come too?” the other two questioned sheepishly.
“I don’t mind,” she shrugged unconcernedly.
Siyuki proceeded back home, only to find that her relatives had come a day early. It was only sunset, and she would already have to deal with her bratty sibling.
“Hey, look. It’s my older half-sis back from her little rendezvous with her boyfriends,” Hiyoko, Siyuki’s 9 ½ year-old sister, mocked. Siyuki lunged at her, only to be caught by Kouga, Hakkaku, and Ginta.
“Try to cool it, Siyuki-san,” Ginta warned.
“Yeah, don’t let her get the best of you,” Koga agreed, holding her back.
“Oh, I see. They’re your owners. You bad dog!” She sniggered. Siyuki lunged again seeking to break free from the three’s restraint. She couldn’t break free, but she was easily managing to pull three people older than herself in order to kill her infuriating sibling.
“OH MY GOD!!” Ginta yelled. He was struggling to keep a grip on Siyuki as well.
“Koga! How is it that she can pull all of us and not even break a sweat?!?” Hakkaku questioned worriedly.
“How should I know?!?” Koga retorted. By now, Siyuki was in slashing distance when Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Sesshomaru appeared in the doorway.
“What’s all the ruckus about?” Inuyasha stopped, “Whoa...”
“Inuyasha, don’t just stand there! Go help them!” Kagome commanded as she shoved him toward them.
“Yeah, what she said!” Koga agreed. Everyone rushed over to help bring Siyuki under control. In the end, it took all eight people to bring her down...And even that was barely enough.
“I’m gonna kill you, you despicable whelp!!” Siyuki shouted as she heaved herself forward, with all eight people dog-piled on top of her, attempting to kill her sibling.
“What did you do to her?! How can she keep going like this?!!” Koga asked Suishou, irritated.
He shrugged. “That’s just the way she is.” Siyuki had had enough of that, and transformed into a huge mongrel. She pounced at her sister, who screamed as raced out into the backyard. Kyuutai, a barn owl now, took wing after them.
“Hoo-boy... This can’t be good...” Suishou said, taking off after the three of them. The rest of the kids shrugged, and pursued them also.
They found the two girls...Well, girl and beast... brawling in the woods, Hiyoko fleeing and Siyuki trying to massacre her. There were huge gashes in the tree trucks as a result of Siyuki’s terrible claws. Saplings were split cleanly in half, too. Hiyoko’s clothing was shredded and, thankfully, she wasn’t hurt yet. Kyuutai was a fair-sized dragon who was attempting to drag Hiyoko to safety, but to no gain. Siyuki’s knife-length claws were digging deep into her kimono and, most likely, scoring into her leg. They all jumped her, dragging her down.
“You retarded half-breed! Are you trying to kill me?!” Hiyoko hissed. That was the end of the line. Siyuki leapt up, carrying all of her friends with her, and slashed Hiyoko’s arm. She yelped in pain, even though it was barely a flesh wound. Siyuki, her need now fulfilled loped back home happily. Everyone was still on her back when she changed back.
“Hm... I feel great, but I still feel like there’s a huge burden on my shoulders,” Siyuki commented.
“That’s because there is,” Koga said still clinging to her back.
“Hey! I didn’t volunteer to give you all rides!” she said.
“Dude, you are one outta-control chick,” Inuyasha remarked.
“Because not even eight people can hold you down.”
“What?! I was peeved off.”
“And you gashed your half-sister’s arm.”
“Peeved off.” Just then, her sister walked in holding her arm (which was hardly bleeding).
“You abhorrent half-breed!! How dare you harm your sister!! You could have killed me!!”
“Maybe I WANT to kill you!!!!” Siyuki shouted as she leapt at her sister once more. Once again everyone had to dog-pile her to keep her down. The first one to react, Koga pinned her down first, then Hakkaku, then Ginta, then Inuyasha, then Kagome, then Sango, then Miroku, then Sesshomaru, and then her father, Suishou, as well. Koga whacked her on the back of the head.
“OW~!!! You jerk-weed, how--“After this she blacked out. Everyone hurriedly tied her up and put a dressing on Hiyoko’s wound and muzzled her. Buta and his band of idiots turned up before long and they tied them up, too. Apparently, Buta had heard of Siyuki’s sis and dragged his posse of dodos with him to go flirt with her.
About two hours later, Siyuki woke up. Everyone was in a circle around her with staffs (they’re like Feudal Era bats). She tried to get up but fell over, all in thanks to fact that they tied her up.
“Could somebody untie me?” she asked, a little irritated.
“Are you gonna murder Hiyoko again?” Koga questioned.
“It’s a yes or no question, Siyuki.”
“OK....Yes slash no. ^_^”
“You said it was a yes or no question, and I used the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”
“You can only use one word.”
“It’s half yes, half no. ^_^”
“For Pete’s sake...”
“Who’s Pete?” It appeared that she had forgotten the whole incident. Everyone went to untie her.
“Seriously, who IS Pete??”
“Never mind...”
“Kouga, are you...GAY?!?!”
“What are you talking about?”
“You said ‘never mind’ and then got a really guilty look on your face like you liked him.”
“It’s an EXPRESSION! He’s not even a real person!” Kouga argued.
“Are you just saying that?”
“Arrrgh!!!!!!!!!” With this, he trudged off in frustration.
Hence, another happy, if awkward ending had come.

After Years Past

A whole year has flown by, all without a word from Koga. The year has been very lonely for Siyuki-san, now 14, who considers him the best friend she has. She has seen Sango and Kagome frequently, as well as Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, and Kohaku. Kyuutai and her father and mother all have tried to help cheer her up but even so, there was still a great rift.
Siyuki felt she was going to loathe today. Her younger half-sister, Hiyoko was going on a date with Tokage (ew), and she had to watch over her sister. Personally, she thought the relationship was criminal. Hiyoko is 11 and Tokage is...21? Be that as it may, 10 years age difference?! It was almost impossible to believe that they are even distantly related. Then again, her sister is a snake demon (I wonder how that happened) and they are rumored to be romantic. But Siyuki still couldn’t believe that her distantly related sister was dating a lecher who was almost twice her age.
“Aw, heck with this. I ain’t gonna watch those two. Who knows what they’ll do?” And with that Siyuki whistled for Kyuutai, and left for the nearest village. Kyuutai changed into a horse and beckoned for Siyuki to get on. Siyuki thanked him for the generosity, but refused. Hence, Kyai changed into an owl and perched on her shoulder.
It was winter, so she was still required to wear a noble’s clothes until she could find some ordinary, yet warm clothing. Thus, Siyuki was heading to a village to do some shopping. Ryojoki was a village close by rumored to have an excellent tailor, so she decided to go there.
Once Siyuki had arrived in the village, she would have to pull a cloak over her ears, for fear of how the villages might react to a half-demon. She pulled out the cloak and put it on now, in case anybody was leaving town and saw her. Surprisingly, it was not a town. There was a gate and soldiers, which meant that this was either a lord’s village, or it was very rich. The two soldiers who had been so idly chatting up until now, had taken notice of Siyuki.
“Who are you?” the duo demanded, spears at the ready.
“Would you really maim the royal daughter of Lady Mitsukai Usagi?” Siyuki questioned confidently.
“Y-you mean you’re the half-demon princess Mitsukai Siyuki-sama?” they stuttered.
“Yup,” she said, and she pulled off the cloak masquerading her dog ears. Both of the guards gasped and quickly opened the gates for her. She nodded her thanks and then entered the city. Then she stopped.
“Does either of you two know where I can find the tailor in this city...? I hear he’s famous, so I’ve come to ask him to make something for me,” she explained awkwardly.
“Yes. He’s should be in the very heart of the city,” the younger of the two answered. “Thank you.” She started toward the center of the grand city. Alas, Siyuki had forgotten to cover her ears, so there were quite a few people who stared at her queerly, but the imperial clothing she wore and the fact that the guards let her in was solid proof that she was welcome here. At long last, Siyuki found the home of the renowned tailor. Siyuki walked inside to find something she thought she would never see. Inside, Kouga was ordering something. “Koga?!” She was astonished. What could he be doing in a tailor’s shop...? “Siyuki? What are you doing here?” he asked. Evidently, he was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. “Ahem. You come here order clothes, yes?” Apparently, the man was a well-known tailor who emigrated from China to sell his wares. Siyuki found the store and walked inside. Immediately, she spotted Koga at the counter.
“Yeah. So how much is it? "
“¥75,000,000,000. >.<” “HOLY-?! Why’s it cost so much?!” “Kimonos made of very special silk, sir, >.<” the Chinese tailor answered. “Can I get it made in some other material that I can actually pay for..?” “I try, sir. >.<” “Thanks,” Koga sighed in relief. Siyuki was very confused; why would Koga need a kimono when fur is so much warmer? And how did he happen to get in here if he’s a demon? Oh wait...He probably jumped over the wall...That wouldn’t be too hard considering his strength and the fact that he’s a demon. Alas, she has now idea she’s saying her thoughts aloud. Hence, that is why Kouga is now looking at Siyuki like she is a weirdo... “Uh, Siyuki, did you know you’re saying what you are thinking out loud?” Koga asked. “Hm~? I did what?” She hadn’t heard a thing he said. “You were saying your thoughts out loud. Me and the Chinese dude both heard you.” Kouga pointed of to the tailor, whose head was cocked in confusion. “Oh... Drat, that’s the third time this week...” The tailor had now come back with a diagram of what Koga’s order would look like. Siyuki peered over Koga’s shoulder and saw that he was wearing a women’s kimono. “Koga, why are you ordering a women’s kimono? Are you a cross-dresser now?” “Siyuki, do I look like a cross-dresser?” Koga seethed. “No.” “Then obviously I am not a cross-dresser.” “Then why are you ordering it?” “It’s for Kagome on New Year’s. She suckered me into buying it for her...” Koga looked pretty jaded when he said that last sentence. “Did she invite you over for New Year’s?” “Yeah. Why?” “Yeah. Why?” “I wanna come, too!”
“Huh??” He was surprised at this. “I suppose I could ask Kagome...”
“YAY!!!” She threw her arms around Koga and hugged him, and got off him just as quickly.
“Thanks!!!!” Siyuki said, her face a wide grin as she left the tailor. Koga was stunned for a few moments, before he remembered something vital.
“Hey--! Wait a minute!! Didn’t you come here to have the Chinese dude make you a kimono?” he called after her. She immediately ran back, her face a bright red.
“Heh-heh...Forgot about that.....” She said, thoroughly embarrassed. He couldn’t believe it... How could such a nice, intelligent person be so forgetful? Eh, everyone has at least one flaw...he thought.

New Year’s Fireworks

It was the week before New Year’s, and everyone had decided to stay at the Higurashi Shrine for the holiday. That meant that Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Shippo, Kohaku, Inuyasha, Kagome, Sota, Buyo, Mom, Grandpa, Koga, Siyuki, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Kyuutai were all living under one roof. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, Siyuki, Koga, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Inuyasha had to sleep in some of the smaller shrines (it’s a good thing Kagome lives in a big house). Siyuki wasn’t there yet, but was due to arrive pretty soon, so Kagome suggested that everyone take turns watching out for her and Kyuutai. Right now, Shippo was on watch. He wasn’t really watching; just playing a Gameboy Color and licking a lollipop, as a result, he didn’t see Siyuki struggling to get out of the well, Buta hanging on to her new kimono.
“WHY-WON’T-YOU-GO-AWAY?!” She shouted at the lecherous demon.
“WHY WON’T YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU?!?” He cried in response. “Because you’re DISGUSTING!!!” she screamed as she tore him off her kimono and hurled him down the well. Everyone had heard the commotion and had just stood there, witnessing her rage. Siyuki turned her head toward them. She shrugged her naïveté. “What??” she asked concernedly. Kouga was just pushing his way to the front of the mob when Siyuki spotted him. Siyuki lunged at him in a huge bear hug, and knocked Koga over, thus pushing Kagome into Inuyasha. “Koga-kun!! Where have you been lately? I haven’t seen you recently!” she chirped happily. Koga was struggling to get her off. “You just saw me a week ago! What do you mean you haven’t seen me recently?!” Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kagome were still ‘accidentally’ hugging each other. Everyone else was standing around, satirizing the twosome’s immaturity. Siyuki and Koga were paying no mind to them, though, because they were too busy catching up with each other about what had happened in the 7 days they hadn’t seen each other.
“I like your kimono. Did you pay the Chinese fellow to sew it for you?” Kouga asked, very interested and blissful. Siyuki nodded, “Yeah, how did you know?”. He shrugged and replied,”Eh, lucky guess,” a hint of pride in his expression. The two continued to yak, not even realizing that Koga’s two friends were following close behind, impatient for their boss to listen to them.
“Hey, when are the fireworks supposed to start tonight?” Siyuki asked blissfully.
“I dunno,” Koga shrugged.
“Psssst! Koga!” Ginta interrupted, only to be unheard.
“Hey, can I sit by you when the fireworks start?” Siyuki asked, beaming.
“Umm... Sure, I guess,” Koga blushed.
“KOUGA!!!!!!” Hakkaku shouted. He bellowed so loudly that he made both Siyuki and Koga all but fall head first on the pavement. Koga scrambled up to his feet, and then helped Siyuki to her feet also. Siyuki brushed herself off quickly while Koga flew off the handle.
“WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?” He howled.
“Weren’t you supposed to tell Siyuki something? Something important? Something about the Princess??” Ginta clued. Koga finally got the hint. “Oh, you mean Princess Natsuko?” Ginta and Hakkaku nodded. “You were chosen to inform Siyuki of your new position,” Hakkaku reminded him. Koga gulped nervously. Natsuko-sama had become Princess of most of Japan very recently. She had heard of Koga and summoned him to her castle immediately. It turned out that instead of wanting to execute him and the Clans, the beautiful 12 year old princess was merely enamored of the handsome, young wolf demon. She had brought him there to propose. Koga didn’t have any feeling for the girl, but didn’t want to upset her, so he said he would think about it. The noble girl wasn’t upset, but she was still expectant for his answer. So instead, she gave him a position as one of the main guardians of the land. Then she asked him once more if he would marry her. This time, after a long uncomfortable silence, he refused, and confessed his love for Siyuki-san. The princess was thoroughly outraged, but composed herself as well as she could. Koga still felt sorry for her, even though everything he had said was completely true.
Even though she was heartbroken, she asked Koga to tell Siyuki about his new position, since she was a princess also (doesn’t royal blood suck?).
Hence, Koga had to tell Siyuki about his latest occupation. Nervously, he went back to Siyuki-san. “Ummm...Siyuki, did I mention anything about my new status...?” He began gawkily. She shook her head, “No. You didn’t even

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