Hi! This is my world. i am a tsubasa fan. So i deciced to create this world.
This is my first try, so this world won't be good enough. If you say me your thinkings, i will create better.


When a car crushes to you there is three possible thing that can happen to you: if the car is slow, nothing happens. The car is fast; you injure and later you regain your health. And the third, you die. My name is Marcus Anderson. A yellow car crashed me when I was walking to school. And I died. Strange, I know, but my story started after that.


When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in a hospital room. My head was aching a bit and I felt myself tired. A doctor was looking at me with a shocked face. I heard a woman shouting.
Someone's daughter had to be in this hospital. I felt a pity for her.I started to laugh. And I herd that a girl laughed. I stopped. Immediately I had started to think that... NO! I laughed again to prove myself that I'm not a... And I heard a girl voice again. For a first time I looked at doctor carefully. And he smiled.
"Gratz Gwendolyn, you were nearly die. But now, you arwe just fine." He laughed.
"You must be heard your mum's voice. She wants to see you. Should I tell her to come in."
My mum...That woman... OH MY GOD! I'M İN A GİRL'S BODY!
When I see doctor's frightened face, I realized that I looked awful. And tried to laugh. I couldn't do it.
"OK. I...I can face with my mum I suppouse."
"Your heartbeat became faster. Are you sure that..."
"Yes, I'm just fine."
"OK. As you wish."
I would see her lte or now. It was better to face with it.

Png 3

Sorry for late post. This is my third png(jpeg version). Hope you like it.

P.S: Please tell me what do you think about this. Then i will do better.

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This is my second png. Hope you like it


This is my first png. Please, say me what do you think about this. Hope you like it.

First Post for This World

i had made this world long time ago. But i haven't sent any post for this. And i decided to do something for this world. i like renders so much. Because,you know i mean,working with them is easy. So i decided to post tsubasa renders(ofcourse i will make them myself). i will post them in next days.