So-called Useless Things

Title: (So-called Useless Things
Series: original
Characters: An OC... Completely made up by me...

“Lovely little letters sitting on the desk,
looking forward to tomorrow,
not on looking back.”

That tiny quote was craved into the tree across the street from my house. I had always wondered who wrote that.
Who writes on trees anyways?

I suppose it’s for the sense of permanency it gives. It makes the person feel as though they will live on through the words—Their words.
I think that’s what’s behind all graffiti…

I was told once that I shouldn’t spend my time thinking about unnecessary things.
When I replied I believe I implied some improper things about their mother and upbringing. Then I proceeded into the world of philosophy.

My studies brought me great joy.
The people telling me I was wasting my talents caused me great grief.
I must admit I told them off in a most improper tone…

At any rate, I finished school.
Only to find that there were so few jobs for a philosophy major that it was practically an unknown!

And so, I decided ordinary life was over rated.

And now I walk down the row,
with all the world,
with it’s many trees,
on which to scribble,
many so-called useless things.

Word Limit: 200
Word Count: 199